8 of the Greatest Gardens in the World


July 27, 2020

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Do you know of the treasure Nowness?

You do now. Pun intended, and you’re welcome.

I discovered them eons ago… I don’t even remember how. They assemble truly beautiful short films. I’m a sucker for their Artist in Residence series.

But lately, I’ve been traveling virtually to some of the most gorgeous gardens around the globe, and meeting the wonderful personalities who tend to them. Some are famous; some are not… but each and every one of these films is a small gem. None is longer than four minutes. Enjoy!

8 of the Greatest Gardens in the World

This two and a half minute overview gives you a flavor of the beauty in this series.



Chatsworth House Gardens

Take a tour of Derbyshire’s historic Chatsworth House estate with director Marcus Werner and Peregrine Cavendish, aka the 12th Duke of Devonshire. You might recognize these landscapes as Chatsworth House stood in for Pemberly, Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy’s estate in the 2005 film of Pride & Prejudice. Learn more here.



Glin Castle Gardens

Built as the home of the Knight of Glin—otherwise known as the Black Knight—Glin Castle has been tucked away along the Irish coast in County Limerick for over 700 years. Learn more here.



Trematon Castle Gardens

Meet the husband and wife horticulturalists team Julian and Isabel Bannerman. With an impressive coterie of aristocratic and royal regulars, here they talk about their own gardens at Trematon Castle. Learn more here.



Brault Valley Oasis Garden

Director Toby Amies visits Chanel designer Pascal Brault’s verdant South of France garden set amid a range of mountains. Learn more here.



Las Pozas Gardens

Las Pozas (“The Pools”) is a subtropical garden established by twentieth-century British poet Edward James. Soaring out of the Mexican jungle near the town of Xilitla, the gardens are home to enormous concrete works of art that live alongside the tropical landscape. Learn more here.



Ford Ranch Garden

Pilots, collectors and devoted gardeners Joan F. Wallick and Robert L. Wallick Sr. invite NOWNESS into their cultivated Wyoming estate. Learn more here.



Additional Resources

Great Garden series – from Nowness

In Residence series, Inside the homes of celebrated architects, designers and artists – from Nowness

Ilse Crawford in “On Design” – from Nowness. (I love Ilse Crawford)

Nowness website

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