9 Spiritual Spa-cations in Mexico


May 5, 2022

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Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa in the Riviera Maya


¡Hola a todos!

Cinco de Mayo, also known as Battle of Puebla Day, is a holiday that celebrates the date of the Mexican army’s May 5, 1862 victory over France and Napolean III’s armies at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War. The Mexican forces had only 2000 men compared to 6000 for the French, so it was a David and Goliath battle where the underdog won! And in case you were wondering Día de la Independencia is commemorated on September 16 in Mexico. ⁠

I thought I’d take today to highlight my favorite resorts in Mexico – beloved not only for their wellness offerings but also for their innate spirituality. The country, known for its warm weather and excellent gastronomy, is the perfect destination for those looking to escape from reality and heal their bodies and souls. ⁠

1 Tepoztlán | Amomoxtli

For decades, Tepoztlán has been a magnetic pole for awareness and spiritual growth and this place is home to Amomoxtli. Many consider that the mystical energy that is felt in this magical town of Morelos, is due to its subsoil’s minerals, as well as to the imposing mountains of El Tepozteco range, that invite introspection and discovery. The land where this hotel and spa in Tepoztlan was built has amazing vitality, which contributes to the regeneration of your energy when you visit. Their therapies, ceremonies, wraps, energetic cleanses, temazcal baths, yoga, and energetic arts classes will lead you to feel all the energetic benefits of this mystical place. Walk under ancient trees that shelter Amomoxtli. You cross the bridge that has been there for over 200 years, when it was the only way to go from one side of this valley to the other. You can hardly believe what is unveiled: lush gardens, dozens of shades of green among trees, plants, and flowers. In the gardens of Amomoxtli you will find plants endemic to the region, such as ahuehuete or amate trees; an important selection of cacti, bougainvillea, and various herbs that they use in their kitchen and in the treatments of our Spa and Temazcal. Amomoxtli is a hotel only for guests over 13 years of age and does not accept pets.

Learn more here.

2 Cancún | NIZUC Resort & Spa

Travel to the iconic city of Cancún for a restorative time at the NIZUC Resort & Spa. Here, you can witness the luxury of the first ESPA-branded spa in the Mexican Caribbean, which combines traditional holistic therapies with modern-day techniques. Furthermore, the experts at NIZUC blend these spa techniques with ancient Mayan healing rituals, ensuring that you will receive an authentic Mesoamerican experience. For example, the spa integrates the use of gemstones, cacao, algae, and other natural ingredients in their treatments.

Learn more about the Mayan practices on their website.

3 Puebla | Cartesiano

This property is comprised of the synthesis of three “villas” starting from the 16th century to the 20th, including renovations completed in 2021. The existing boutique property includes integrated Wellness spaces throughout, with 60 sleeping rooms. Protected as a National landmark, the property is included as part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, imbued with an architectural eclecticism, where Spanish Colonial gardens live in peaceful harmony with a 20th-century contemporary art collection, displayed throughout.

Having undergone various period transformations, so it is all too fitting that it has, in the current era, been lovingly renovated by its owner-operators with award-winning hospitality to offer an innovative Health and Wellness Center designed for the mindful and purposeful wellness seeker.

Learn more here.

4 Riviera Maya | Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa

Find your inner balance while soaking up the serene spirit of the Riviera Maya. The beautiful Yoga Pavilion at Belmond’s Maroma Resort & Spa boasts stunning jungle views. They offer complimentary yoga classes every day but Sunday. And you can enjoy private sessions either in the Pavilion or on the golden beach. Tennis and all the water sports are also available. Their Kinan Spa features services grounded in ancient rituals, with rare indigenous botanicals and a holistic approach to healing. Most intriguing is the healing honey from local Melipona bees that has antimicrobial properties that they use in a range of treatments.

Learn more about this jewel of wellness on their website.

5 Riviera Maya | Chablé Maroma

Another top-notch wellness destination on the Riviera Maya is Chablé Maroma. Named one of the top 5 international spas by Travel & Leisure in 2020, the wellness program is like no other. They feature Mayan spiritual ceremonies to renew you, performed and guided by their Shaman, who, following the traditions asks permission to the Universe and the four cardinal points to bless you with peace, love, well-being and abundance. Every day, Chablé offers a series of activities created to deal with the different moods: introspection or socializing, gentleness or intensity, serenity or vibration. The contemporary design of the resort takes advantage of the spectacular setting so you can enjoy the vegetation and beautiful gardens, and sense of serenity and balance.

Learn more about how they redefine wellness on their website.

6 Tecate | Rancho La Puerta

Rancho La Puerta recently celebrated its 80th Anniversary, a feat that serves as a testament to its high-quality services. The luxury spa, situated within 4,000 acres of cacti and ancient oaks, offers fresh views of Mount Kuchumaa and diverse wildlife. When you’re not taking fitness classes like aquatic conditioning or cardio drumming, you’re taking creative writing classes and bird-watching sessions. After hours of high energy activities, decompress at their renowned spas, which offer treatments ranging from pampering (hot-stone massages, facials) to osteopathic (chiropractic and biodynamic craniosacral therapy). 

Learn more about the wellness resort on their website.

7 Chocholá | Chablé Yucatán

The Chablé Yucatán is unique because the establishment is wholly integrated with the surrounding nature, thus ensuring a sustainable and healthy experience. For example, the Chablé Spa derives from a natural cenote in the Yucatán jungle; the hotel rooms float above it like magnificent, secure treehouses. The excursion activities, ranging from cooking classes to beekeeping, take advantage of their strategic geography by adapting to ancient Mayan ceremonial practices as well. Here, you will receive the best of both worlds: comfort and authenticity.

Learn more about the sustainability of the resort on their website.





8 Los Cabos | Le Blanc Spa Resort

The Le Blanc Spa Resort is an oasis of opulence located on the Baja Peninsula, where the desert and ocean converge amidst year-round sunshine. Los Cabos, a famous travel destination on the golden west coast, is full of history, luxury sunset sailing, and snorkeling in the cerulean seas. But the highlight of your stay here will be the resort’s complimentary spa, a mystical experience that involves the famed Pericu Massage and ritualistic hydrotherapy in a blacklight room.

Learn more about the resort’s diverse offerings on their website.





9 San Miguel de Allende | Belmond Casa de Sierra Nevada

Don’t be fooled by its name: the famous Casa de Sierra Nevada is comprised of six Spanish-colonial mansions or casas. Cactus-filled gardens and stuccoed terraces link the six establishments together, and you can decompress at the temazcal (traditional Mexican steam baths). Snorkel through the emerald waters and explore the Cenotes, freshwater sinkholes carved by underground rivers, believed to be a ‘gateway to the underworld by the Mayans’. Or, book the hotel’s signature Laja spa treatment, which integrates waters from the nearby eponymous river. However, what the Casa de Sierra Nevada is probably most known for is its classes at the Sazon Cooking School, where you will learn to prepare traditional and healthy Mexican favorites. This resort is tops for wellness!

Explore all of Belmond’s luxurious offerings on their website.

Our friendly neighbors to the south have such a rich, vast culture. Centuries of Mayan, Aztec, and Spanish fusion have culminated into a uniquely Mexican society that everyone should witness firsthand. All of these destinations mentioned above do their best to blend indigenous practices in the services they offer, so your visit will be authentic and enriching. ¡Que lo disfruten y hasta luego!

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