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September 9, 2021

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Canyon Ranch is a leader in the wellness travel sector and always has been.

Mel and Enid Zuckerman and Jerry Cohen founded Canyon Ranch in 1979 in Tucson, Arizona. They were originally inspired to start a health resort after Mel Zuckerman experienced his own success with improving his health when he stepped outside of his life. Following the financial success of the Tucson location, the Lenox resort opened in 1989.

Mel Zuckerman began to notice that only healthy people were coming to Canyon Ranch and not the guests he felt Canyon Ranch could most help. Overwhelmed spirits, deconditioned bodies, and cluttered minds felt out of place. So they initiated a special program – really a stand-apart environment within Canyon Ranch where guests could learn how to lead healthier lives and find the resources and support they needed to make lasting change in their lives. That space became the Life Enhancement Center and later a whole program.

I have been to Canyon Ranch twice – once in the 90s where I was delighted to run into Joanne Woodward (apparently she and Paul Newman were regulars). There I first encountered non-dairy milk (which I didn’t like but I only drink now!) and met Dr. Mark Hyman, now a best-seller author of many books on wellness. I then retreated to their facility in Miami in 2013 for another magnificent stay.

Today, I can’t think of a better place to go in order to boost wellness in a deep, meaningful, and lasting way. Their motto is Every journey leads to you. And now they have an all-inclusive experience that makes it easier to cultivate wellbeing, health, vitality, and joy. Canyon Ranch calls these experiences Pathways.

Pathways are designed for new guests and for those who are returning for a specific purpose or goal. Pathways include not only your room and delicious health food but also curated services and activities to support your goals. They ensure a smooth stay from the moment you arrive until even years after you leave because you’ll be inspired by your life-changing visit.

There are six Pathways to choose from ::

Lifestyle Reset

Choose this Pathway when you need to reinvigorate your life. You desire more energy, meaning, and wellbeing. You’ll receive nutrition and life management consultations, meet with a spiritual wellness guide, enjoy a slew of restorative services for your body and mind (you get to pick), and get an exercise prescription.

Personal Discovery

In this Pathway, you can avail yourself of any number of offerings, as you wish. You can try yoga or pilates, fitness training, a Soul Journey, skin and/or body treatments, outdoor activities, and more. You could also meet with a physician and/or get a healthy food consultation.

Optimal Health Exploration

This is for you if you need to craft a preventive health plan or address any specific health concern. Or if you simply want to live longer and younger. You’ll get to meet with a doctor, get a prescription for movement and exercise, and speak with a life management expert. You can also opt to enjoy therapeutic body treatments, take art lessons, and more.

Transition Purposefully

If you’re going through a transition in your life, this Pathway will support you. You could be experiencing a change in your career, your relationships, or in other parts of your life. And you’re ready to elegantly shift into your next path if you pardon the pun. Here you’ll get a chance to meet with a behavioral expert in life transitions, experience a guided rite of passage, and enjoy a mind-body session. Options include private yoga and pilates, body and skincare treatments, a nutrition consult, and more.

Reconnect with Joy

If you’ve recently dealt with a trauma or loss (and so many of us have this last year), then this Pathway will envelop you with care. You’ll be guided to rediscover yourself and what brings you joy because delight is a vital part of life. You’ll meet with experts in grief, spiritual wellness, and life management. You can also choose either a Rite of Passage or a Detoxifying Ritual. You can also select activities such as cooking classes and outdoor adventures.

Outdoor Escape

We’ve all been stuck inside much of the last year and are appreciative of the wonders of nature. In this Pathway, you’ll take a private hike, bathe in forest air in the Japanese ritual of shinrin-yoku, enjoy a canoe or kayak excursion or challenge yourself with a climbing wall or the ropes! (Note :: This particular Pathway is only available in the Lenox, MA location.)

Each Pathway is available in 3, 5 or 7 day packages. And because these Pathways combine your room rate with all the professional services and on-site activities, you’ll enjoy an exceptional value for your holiday – much more so than if you arranged and reserved each aspect individually. All your meals are included too!

When you book a stay you’ll also get a pre-arrival call from a Program Advisor or a Nurse Educator to guide and help you make the best choices and the most meaningful selections for your visit.

I know how amazing the Canyon Ranch experience is. I still have and refer back to the information from my first stay over 25 years ago. My stays have been truly life-changing and eye-opening. I’d love to arrange a visit for you there soon.



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