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August 5, 2020

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I am not reading as much as I usually do. I don’t know about you, but the distraction and worries of the world have made it hard to focus.

Still, escaping into the dreamscape of a delicious novel or some excellent non-fiction narrative is a treat I miss.

To boost my ability to focus and to remember what I just read, I created this blend to help concentration and memory.


the oil of learning

Dill helps us stay engaged and motivated. The aroma also helps us to integrate new thoughts and ideas into our perspective and opens up our mental clarity. The scent helps harmonize both sides of the brain so that you can feel interested in all aspects of life and living and stimulates curiosity and insights. Dill supports us in learning new things and assimilating various thoughts and ideas into coherence.


the oil of knowledge and transition

Rosemary helps us know ourselves deeply and truly. The aroma offers mental clarity and opens us open to knowledge and insights… and can make us ready for new experiences, new perspectives and new insights. Rosemary especially supports us during transitions and times of change or when we wish to change our habits.


the oil of confident speech

Spearmint promotes strong and effective expression and internal thoughts. The aroma supports us in speaking up to articulate our views and to speak with clarity and confidence. With spearmint, we can deeply touch and know our inner wisdom and communicate our truth and own our voice. It also encourages us to speak up for our values and beliefs.


the oil of focus

Lemon keeps us energized and focus. This aroma also helps us stay alert and clear in our minds and especially helps to eliminate feelings of mental inadequacy, fears or insecurities. It can also help mental fatigue or brain fog. An uplifting scent, lemon’s crispness engages the mind and aids concentration to keep us engaged and focused… and to enjoy learning!

Ylang Ylang

the oil of the inner child

Ylang Ylang is used to lessen tension and stress and to promote a positive outlook. The aroma encourages play and restore a childlike nature and innocence and can help ameliorate feelings of anger and sadness. Ylang Ylang also helps with emotional healing and to encourage feelings of freedom. This essential oil can also be a powerful remedy for releasing emotional trauma.

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