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June 5, 2020

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I am a bath taker. (Bath indulger? Yes. That feels right.) Always have been. In fact, I picked my college (in part) because they had bathtubs – big, beautiful iron-wrought with lions’ feet tubs. And I used them. A lot.

When travel shut down just weeks after launching Premier Travel Wellness, it was time to figure out how I could bring the world to each of us in our homes… in a way that would nourish us during this unusual time. And that’s how Bath Escapes were born!

I am excited to announce the first in the series :: Paris.

Paris, the city of love, which we all need more of these days, had to be first.

Plus, Paris was on my heart & mind… I was due to fly there in March, my first trip since 1988. I can’t wait to rebook.

Bath Escape Paris includes something for all your senses, and then some ::

  • taste a cocktail, with a mocktail variation. This one is referred to as a strong woman in a sparkly dress!

  • smell an aromatherapy blend to evoke the feeling of Paris in the 20s, of Chanel’s beauty, of French originality.

  • listen a playlist of music that’s a little jazzy, a little gypsy and très chic!

  • peruse a museum virtually – this one is in a gorgeous train station and feature impressionistic art.

  • watch one of three curated series or movies. Like one set in France that makes you feel like you have walked right into a Renoir painting during the Belle Époque!

  • read books to conjure a dreamscape in your mind of life in Paris. One is about Hemingway’s Paris, with a twist!

  • learn from select, meaty podcast episodes to discover unusual histories and stories about Paris.

  • dream for when Paris reopens by exploring one of the most elegant hotels in the city.

John Lithgow as Winston Churchill in The Crown (Netflix)

Channel your inner Churchill and retire to your bath to escape to Paris for an hour or two! Truly, there’s enough in our Bath Escape Paris to distract you for many hours, and not all of them have to actually be in the bath!

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