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September 29, 2020

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Whether it’s swimming with white-tip reef sharks or hiking through the desert at night, travel stories are the ones that you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life.

Did you know I’m a certified National Geographic Journeys Specialist? Through my partner- tour operator G Adventures – I can offer you a variety of small group tours that will enable you to return home with more than just photos and souvenirs. You’ll bring back everything you discover from the places you visit and the people you meet.

I love this partner because they give back and truly care about sustainability – sponsoring community projects and initiatives to improve the livelihoods of locals around the globe. Each itinerary is given a “ripple score” – this score measures how well they are living up to their word. It lets you see the money spent locally by them on all the services it takes to run your tour.

Travel can be the greatest form of wealth distribution the world has ever seen, and G Adventures pays attention to how your travel dollars affect local communities.

When you travel on a National Geographic tour, not only do you get the best tour guides ever—you’re also supporting National Geographic Society’s researchers and explorers who are working to preserve species and ecosystems, protect cultures, and advance understanding of the planet and its inhabitants.

Double win! 

National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures are a collection of exclusive tours designed to take you deeper into the cultures and habitats of the places to explore.

Specifically they offer ::

  • Unique interaction with local experts for incredible learning opportunities,

  • Insider access to people or projects supported by National Geographic or G Adventures,

  • Culturally immersive time and opportunities to forge true, human connections, and

  • Upgraded accommodations, comfortable rides, and more included extras than on other tours offered by G Adventures,

Who travels with National Geographic Journeys?

These trips are not ultra-luxury (though let’s face it – any travel the next few years IS a luxury). Curious travelers who seek genuine cultural immersion without sacrificing comfort and those who desire the freedom to roam, but within the structure and security of a small group are a perfect fit for these tours.

(If you are interested in some of these experiences but would prefer a bit more opulence, I have other resources for that too.)

Sample Itineraries ::

Note – all images below are courtesy of my partner G Adventures and used with permission

Canada :: Awe-inspiring scenery and fascinating wildlife are simply everywhere in Western Canada. This 12-day adventure hits crisp Jasper and serene Lake Louise, a scenic ferry crossing to Vancouver Island, a river safari through Grizzly Bear Valley, and a drive along the jaw-dropping Icefields Parkway. Whether you’re walking atop a glacier or meandering the gorgeous streets of Whistler Village, you’re sure to feel that Rocky Mountain high.

Highlight – soak in the hot springs at Miette Hot Springs Visit in Jasper National Park



China :: From Bejing to Tibet Go beyond the wall for a transformative adventure through China’s awe-inspiring interior. Explore the unforgettable city of Beijing and meet pandas at a breeding centre in Sichuan. Discover daily life in Tibet and cruise the incredible Yangtze River on a riverboat. Cycle atop the city walls of Xi’an, and face its standing army of terracotta warriors before eating lunch in the local farming village where they were discovered. Get into China’s very heart and it will most certainly get into yours.

Highlight – Start a day with a lesson in tai chi, led by a local expert at the historic Temple of Heaven. City residents flock here every morning to worship and practice this morning routine. Learn the basic moves of this calming combination of yoga and meditation.



Ecuador : Amazon, Hot Springs and Volcanoes Get in touch with the power of the planet on this nine-day adventure packed with many of Ecuador’s natural wonders. Hike through the greener-than-green Amazon jungle with a local naturalist guide at your side, slip into the celebrated (and restorative) hot springs of Papallacta, enjoy lunch with the residents of an Andean community, and spend a night at a historic hacienda. Let this force of nature blow you away.

Highlight – Jump, slide, rappel, swim, and float down the Rio Blanco on this canyoning adventure into Llanganates National Park.



Iceland : Geysers, Glaciers, and Fjords From glittering glaciers to black-sand beaches, Iceland’s wild landscapes inspire travelers of all ages. Explore this subarctic isle’s natural and cultural treasures alongside our dynamic guides as you step behind the curtain of a spectacular waterfall or hike to the edge of a volcanic crater. Descend inside a lava tunnel, delve into Viking history, or opt to try your hand at riding hardy Icelandic horses.

Highlight – Set out on a whale-watching excursion to try and spot minke and humpback whales, dolphins, and porpoises



Morocco : Ancient Souks to the Sahara Discover the magic of Morocco on a journey that takes you from bustling markets to soaring desert dunes. Meet enchanting musicians and storytellers steeped in Berber heritage, and try your hand at cooking up colorful local dishes. Hike past stunning rock formations, climb windswept sands, and uncover ancient secrets in green oases and grand palaces. 

Highlight – Experience Morocco’s rich Berber heritage during evenings of desert stargazing and storytelling around a bonfire.



Southern Africa : In Search of the Big Five Boasting jaw-dropping scenery and some of the planet’s most iconic wildlife, southern Africa makes for an unforgettable adventure. On this action-packed journey, venture to South Africa to seek out the legendary “big five” on safari, soak up the charms of cosmopolitan Cape Town, and see penguins march along Boulders Beach. Then top off your journey in Zimbabwe with a tour of thundering Victoria Falls.

Highlight – Visit rescued chimpanzees at a sanctuary founded by the Jane Goodall Institute.



India : Mysteries of India Be dazzled by India’s colorful interior on an exploration of its rich history and heritage. Explore sprawling palaces in the imperial Mughal cities of Agra and New Delhi, then meet the elders of a traditional village and peruse the markets Bikaner’s old city with a local expert. Each day brings a new twist of the kaleidoscope—and a brighter understanding of this amazing country.

Highlight – Jaipur balloon ride to watch the sunrise over the city from a hot air balloon, float over ancient forts, palaces, and maybe even elephants.



All of their thoughtfully crafted itineraries feature interactive experiences, pre-departure resources to enrich your trip (and anticipation!) and specialists to help you prepare from the moment you reserve your excursion!

These aren’t just trips; National Geographic Journeys tours are designed to foster human connections through immersive experiences. You’ll enjoy access to projects supported by National Geographic or G Adventures. And with upgraded accommodations, private transport, and more inclusions than other G Adventures tours, you won’t sacrifice comfort when you’re roaming the planet.

You’ve waited your whole life to discover the world—just like explorers you’ve read about in National Geographic magazine. Now’s your chance.

Reach out to set up a quick chat to explore the possibilities!

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