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July 1, 2021

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Last February, before the pandemic caused a shutdown, I learned about an exciting new entry into the cruise industry. 

I have never been on a cruise. And I had no interest even in the slightest.

But Atlas Ocean Voyages is not your typical cruise line. The founders saw an opening and unmet need in the market and stepped elegantly into that space. They marry that small-ship luxury experience with adventures and expeditions. And I am very excited to share with you what makes Atlas so different.  

But let’s just start with this :: 



Their first ship, World Navigator, sets sails this month. And for a limited time (until July 9th), I can offer my clients up to $7000 per couple in savings or a business class airfare upgrade on select sailings embarking from August to October 2021.

Explore these very special itineraries and let’s figure out which one of these holidays would satiate that pent-up wanderlust of yours. Pre-sailing and post-sailing immersions are also available to extend your holiday.

I’d love to assemble a personalized proposal for you.

Here are just a few ways Atlas Ocean Voyages is extraordinary ::

1 || Easy

One of their most distinctive features is that they are all-inclusive so you’re not going to be nickeled and dimed. They like to say that they are all-inclusive all the way. So for example, yes, airfare from 16 cities, wifi, entertainment, enrichment classes, kayaks and paddleboards, excursion gear, and more are all included.

But even better, many land excursions are included – one per person per port. You can pre-book upgraded experiences if you’d like, too. Still, you can always find something outstanding to do that’s incorporated into the fare. 

And if you book a suite, you’ll get butler service too. For their Antarctica itineraries, they even include private jet service that saves travelers time and money. They also provide a level of travel insurance coverage to ensure you can get home from a remote location, should the need arise.

2 || Exclusive

These expeditions and experiences are not for the masses. These micro-cruises welcome less than 200 guests (as opposed to 2000+). Their ships offer only 98 staterooms and suites, so you’ll be one of 196 guests. Or in Antarctica, one of 172 guests, as they set aside rooms for the expedition team leaders.

Their ships’ cutting-edge innovation makes it possible to get closer than ever to faraway villages, ports, monuments, and rainforests. That means you’ll have experiences that simply aren’t possible to do from larger ships.

Atlas Ocean Voyages also offers many amazing pre-cruise and post-cruise immersions that enable you to get a jump on your holiday or extend it. These excursions allow travelers to go deep and encounter local wonders such as explorations of archaeological sites, wine tastings, and cuisine, or rafting on river rapids.

They deliver on experiences that are truly out of the ordinary.  

3 || Sustainability

World Navigator was conceived with the sensibilities of an explorer – one who believes the world is best experienced up close, while still leaving the destination untouched.  The new technology of their ships is more environmentally friendly with a hybrid propulsion system that is propeller-less. Their ships do have propellers, but this new system will enable the ship to go at 5 knots in favorable conditions without them. The quiet of their engines lets travelers get more intimate with wildlife and the environment. It’s simply less disruptive. 

This is how you can best enjoy the world and protect it for others.  And as the expedition-style World-Navigator quietly nestles into the amazing, remote, and rugged locations on your itinerary, you’ll wonder why anyone would roam any other way.

Their ships consume much less fuel than similarly-sized ships.  Also, they have a unique anchor-less positioning that preserves wildlife and the marine environment. 

Yes, filtered water in reusable containers is a given.

They’ve so got this. 

4 || Redefining

Atlas is creating a whole new class and category of adventure and luxe cruising by combining the two. They’re doing something no one does – provide smooth, exclusive sailings in simple elegance to both remote and popular destinations that are married with bucket-list-worthy land experiences.  

They are also expanding the definition of adventure. 

Yes, adventure with Atlas can include hang-gliding, sky diving, or exploring underwater caves. Or a hot air balloon ride over the rocks in Cappodocia, a dune buggy ride in the desert, or an overnight camp on the ice in Antarctica under the stars.  

And they offer a handy gauge to indicate the physical activity level from mild to moderate to vigorous.

But for Atlas, adventure also equals experiences – for some that might be jumping off a mountain or out of an airplane. For others (like me!), adventure is wandering through a new city, a cooking lesson, or seeing a historical site.

However you define adventure, you’ll have a blast and be filled with awe. 

5 || Innovative

Atlas Ocean Voyages offers a unique experience on their Zodiacs Cruises, which are small, nimble landing crafts. They each hold 10 people and each ship has 18 aboard. One guide goes out with you in the Zodiac after your safety briefing. Then guests go to the Mud Room to get geared up with knee boots, parkas, and binoculars. Your guide will then take you out for a beach or wet landing.

You can step out into the water and walk around to see wildlife, geology, ice patterns. 

Or do an ice cruise to search for wildlife for seals, penguins, whales, and more.

The expedition teams include naturalists, ornithologists, marine biologists, glacier specialists, and expert photographers so you’re sure to learn a lot! 

6 || Relaxed

A trip on an Atlas ship is not a stuffy affair. There are no formal nights onboard. On their Antarctica trips for example they offer Après Sea – gatherings aboard the ship where you share the stories and adventures of your day. Along with small nibbles to tie you over until dinner, you might get a Mud Slider cocktail in the Mud Room or a craft cocktail at Water’s Edge Lookout just 30 feet above the sea. 

And speaking of dinner, there is open dining and open seating, save for a few specialty dining options like chef’s tables. So there’s no rushing around, back to your stateroom to dress up and show up at a specific time. It’s all at your own pace, your own vibe in an elegant, comfortable setting. It’s resort casual in dress and in attitude.

7 || Original 

Their first ship, the World Navigator, debuts this summer and Atlas will introduce four more sisters ships that will be identical in design. They are all certified for ice exploration and feature a variety of rooms and suites at various price points. And Atlas will be sailing worldwide by 2023 to unique places and exotic locations that larger ships simply can’t access. 

With four dining venues and 24-hour room service, they also offer plant-based dining and as well as a juice and smoothie bar.

Two lounges offer a variety of entertainment, pianists, live bands. An auditorium serves as another entertainment venue but is also a place to hear guest speakers, meet expedition team leaders, and get safety briefings for excursions. There are no Broadway-style revue shows. (Yeah!)

The ship also includes a heated pool, 2 hot tubs, and a wellbeing area with a fitness center and L’Occitane SeaSpa. The Dome Observation Lounge is a stunning area with a 270-degree view through floor-to-ceiling windows. The dome skylight keeps the room bright. While it’s a quiet, contemplative place during the day, at night this space comes alive with nightly activities and social gatherings.

The coolest feature, in my opinion, are the heated seats on an open observation deck at the bow of the ship. It’s only 30 feet above sea level so you are close to wildlife, the seas, the coasts, and ports. Deck space is featured and an integral part of the design of these ships so that you are aware of your surroundings and able to take it all in and feel at one with the environment.

8 || Wellbeing

Being close to nature is good for your wellbeing, and in many ways, Atlas brings nature to you. So let’s start with that. We all appreciate the wonders of the outdoors after the year we’ve been through.

Atlas’ Seaspa by L’Occitane offers signature treatments as well as a serenity room and a sauna. There’s a heated pool on deck as well as two whirlpools.

Deck 4 is dedicated to holistic health and that’s where you’ll find the juice and smoothie bar and the fitness center which offers state-of-the-art equipment, yoga, and pilates.

Deck 8 is where you’ll be able to walk or jog on a track while you take in the brilliant ocean views.  

9 || Stylish

As you can discern from the video above and the photo galleries below, Atlas ships are stylish and sophisticated. Their attention to small details in the design truly pays dividends. From the luxury Egyptian cotton linens, to the glass shower with rain head faucet and body jets, to the beautiful fresh flowers – these touches indicate you’re on a different type of ship. The relaxed elegance and carefully curated amenities help you bask in carefree moments of upscale downtime. 

And you’ll share stories with your new, engaging companions too. My clients are creative, curious, positive, active, free-spirited, and social and also are experienced travelers and committed explorers. They value experiences over material things. Which makes you a perfect match for Atlas’ where you’ll find like-minded friends. 

BTW – HERE’s An extraordinary opportunity

From November 2021 to March 2022, World Navigator will be sailing around Antarctica. If you’ve been to all six continents, then this will round out your list. Each of these Antarctica excursions range from 9 to 12 nights. And remember Atlas Ocean Voyages includes private jet service to get to you the embarkation point easily.  

Atlas says, Antarctica is for seasoned travelers who don’t just want to see places; they want to experience them.

Here’s the thing – there’s a full solar eclipse on December 4th and one itinerary gets you in place to witness that rare event. Astronomers onboard will provide context and insight on what you’re viewing. All the suites have a waitlist for this trip!

Scenes from the ship


Peek into suites and staterooms




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