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July 6, 2020

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Masks are here to stay. 

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to show that it’s not going away anytime soon, more and more states and businesses are requiring masks. And so are the airlines; travelers are not able to board a flight without one.

The CDC says that wearing a mask is one of the most effective ways to slow transmission of viruses and suggest that one should be worn anytime you leave the house or are around other people not from your household.

Wearing a mask is one of the best ways to stay safe, but also to respect those around you.

Because of this, masks have garnered a lot of support: a report from 2020 American Traveler Trends shows that there is currently three times as much support for mask enforcement policies as there is opposition; 61% of those polled said they supported the ticketing or fining of those not wearing masks, whereas only 21.6% opposed. 

We’re going to be wearing masks for longer than we once thought, so it’s time to invest and commit to owning some. But just because masks are becoming a daily accessory doesn’t mean they have to be the white, medical masks that remind us of sterile hospital environments – finding a mask that reflects your own style and personality can help in making it feel like less of a chore!

Going outside should not lead to choosing between your safety and your style and confidence – so it’s worth it  to get a mask that makes you happy. So many companies are making masks that it’s becoming easier to find one you love. Dr. Fauci displays his love of the Washington Nationals on his mask, and masks with smiles printed on them allow kindness to be spread even when mouths are covered. High-end brands have also joined in, making sophisticated and high-quality masks to keep you safe.

No matter what style you want your mask to reflect, there is a mask out there for you! 

Here are five reusable masks we love that you can buy right now to be safe, comfortable, and happy : 

1 | Parachute Face Masks

Made from Parachute’s quality bedding and sheet fabrics, this set of face masks comes in a variety of colors and patterns – and, even better, for every set sold, Parachute will donate a set to those in need through charities GetUSPPE and Safe Place for Youth. 

Parachute commits to quality fabrics for their bedding, and that quality is translated into their masks as well – plus, your money will be contributing to a very good cause. 

Keep yourself safe with these soft and comfortable masks while helping out those in need! 

Available on the Parachute website, $30 for a pack of five

2 | KES Sustainable Dreamer Face Mask

Made out of high-quality, luxurious silk, the long ribbons used to tie on this mask keep it comfortable and stylish. With a pocket for filter inserts, this mask is washable and comes in multiple colors and prints – meaning you don’t have to sacrifice visual appeal for safety. 

Plus, for every mask purchased, KES will donate one to a healthcare professional. In one purchase, you get a luxurious and elegant mask and a meaningful donation to those on the frontline. 

This mask is not the standard pattern – it is unique, beautiful, and as much a fashion-forward accessory as it is a safety measure for a global pandemic. 

Available on Garmentory, $55.00

3 | Isoude Masks

Clothing brand Isoude offers both cotton and linen masks, available in solid colors like blush, aqua, and lilac, and the company’s floral cowslip print. 

Isoude is an ethically sourced, “slow fashion” luxury company that prioritizes craftspeople and mindful business – so your money isn’t going to wasteful, unethical sources. All of their products are made in the United States, including their masks. 

This tie-on mask is simple, sophisticated, and safe, all in one. 

Available on the Isoude website, $35

4 | Nicole Miller Masks

Made in the USA, these Nicole Miller masks come in either 100% cotton or 100% silk and a wide variety of patterns. Whether you’re drawn to florals, camouflage, animal prints, or tribal patterns, there is a mask for every day and every mood. 

These masks are machine washable with behind-the-ear elastic, keeping them safe and secure throughout the day. 

And, an extra bonus: a portion of proceeds from each mask sale will go to charities helping the fight against COVID-19. 

Make wearing a mask fun by varying the patterns, and help out the world while you do it! 

Available on the Nicole Miller website, $16 for cotton masks and $25 for silk masks

5 | Maria Popova’s Vintage Science-Themed Masks

“Sometimes as an antidote
To fear of death,
I eat the stars.” – Rebecca Elson 

Use your daily face covering to combine art and science with beautiful patterns: these designs from Maria Popova feature astronomical and historical illustrations and art that Popova has collected over the years. (And in case you aren’t aware, Popova is the wonder behind the marvelous Brian Pickings. You’re welcome.)

Vintage designs of encyclopedia illustrations, textbook diagrams, and animal drawings provide a wide variety of gorgeous natural history-inspired patterns. The masks are made from a poly fabric and have behind-the-ear elastics and a pocket for filters, all while being machine washable. 

Both the masks’ manufacturer and Popova herself are donating portions of proceeds to charities like World Center Kitchen and The Nature Conservancy. 

These masks are incredibly unique and gorgeous, and they’re sure to help you make a statement while being safe and aiding the fight against COVID-19. 

Available on Society6, $16.99 (and read about Maria Popova’s inspirations here!)

6 | Janessa Leoné

This is made from recycled fabrics but what’s very neat about this mask is the elastic hoops to go around your ears for a secure hold. The design is a mix of scarf and mask. It’s reusable and washable and we recommend washing after each wear. There is also a pocket to insert a filter if desired. A HEPA filter is recommended. Because of the multi-functional design this item will have value beyond our mask wearing days.

Janessa Leoné is also donating all profits to  Direct Relief, an organization providing personal protective equipment and essential medical items to health workers battling COVID-19.

Available at Janessa Leoné for $35

Hopefully this helps you find a mask that both keeps you safe and makes you feel happy. Since it seems like we’ll be having to wear masks for quite a bit more time, it’s worth it to take the time to find one that you really love and that you feel reflects your personality and your inner self. 

Have you invested in a mask you really adore yet? Or did you fall in love with any of these?

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay indoors… and wear a mask. 

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