Micro-Cruises: The Next Generation of Water Travel


July 19, 2021

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Let’s face it: we all love vacationing on cruises because they’re luxurious, pleasurable, and convenient for exploring multiple destinations in a limited time span. Luckily, there is a way you can experience all these things and minimize the risks of spreading germs with strangers: micro-cruises.

While the definition of a micro-cruise varies, the general idea is that they typically cover a more limited distance, follow a more in-depth itinerary with fewer yet equally exciting sites, and carry up to four, 20, or 100 passengers. And they are more eco-friendly too.

Experiences unique to micro cruises include hopping off the boat to cycle or walk alongside the canal, diving directly from the ship to swim or snorkel in rivers and oceans, and even navigating the boat yourself!

Now that you have a better picture of what this innovative type of travel entails, here are some spectacular micro-cruise lines experiences that you should keep in mind when planning your next vacation: 

Belmond’s Afloat in France

These unique voyages enable you to venture into the heartland of France via its many riverways and canals. Travel across regions like Champagne, Burgundy, and Provence within the comforts of your own private ship. Complete with luxury amenities like heated pools, private dining, and language tutoring, this family-friendly experience is perfect for those with high standards for each aspect of their journey. 

And the fun does not end on the ship ― you can participate in outdoor karting, kayaking, and horseback riding too! Afterward, eat dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant or attend a wine tasting workshop to satiate your senses. Belmond’s Afloat in France’s offerings will ensure that every member of your travel group is content with many diverse experiences available.

Because of Premier Wellness Travel’s membership in Belmond’s Bellini Club, I can offer you special amenities when designing your trip on Belmond Afloat.

You can learn more about what Belmond Afloat in France has to offer on their website.



Secret Atlas Expeditions

Secret Atlas offers travelers an intimate experience in our world’s Arctic region by limiting their passengers to 12 per voyage. Yes, only 12. You can choose between the Norweigan archipelago of Svalbard or the largest island on earth, Greenland. 

Their micro-cruises are known as “expeditions” due to the environmentally interactive nature of the activities: travel ashore via the Zodiac landing crafts, encounter glaciers face-to-face, explore early human settlements and learn from experts about the local wildlife. 

The small size of the vessels also guarantees that you can visit hard-to-access spaces like shallow bays and minimize your carbon footprint. These micro-cruises are geared towards those who love nature and are a fantastic way to appreciate the earth without compromising local ecosystems.

View featured trips and read testimonials on the Secret Atlas website.



Silversea’s Silver Origin

The Silver Origin sails exclusively to the Galapagos Islands’ volcanic archipelago and is Silversea’s first destination-specific ship. The experience includes a team of Ecuadorian national expert guides, an extremely high crew-to-guest ratio, all-suite accommodations with butler service, and Ecuadorian-inspired cuisine. 

This expedition’s features are rooted in Silver Origins’ Five Pillars ::

  • sustainability,

  • destination onboard (Galápagos is right there with you.)

  • expedition experience,

  • authentic local culture, and

  • comfort and service.

As the Galapagos is a historically important, natural site, the ship’s carbon footprint is below standard and is 100% plastic-free. Silver Origin truly aims to be as environmentally and culturally conscious as possible, while still maintaining a high level of elegance and quality that is befitting a luxury cruise line.

Discover more about Silver Origin’s features, accommodations, and excursions on their website.



The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

The Yacht Experience offered by The Ritz-Carlton is like no other with ::

  • private ocean view terraces for each suite,

  • 24-hour in-suite dining,

  • world-class onboard restaurants with Michelin-star quality,

  • spa and grooming experiences, and

  • personally-curated offshore excursions. 

Bloomberg called it the anti-cruise ship when it was being built.

As wellness is a crucial tenet of the Yacht Experience, one of their popular programs includes Stirring the Senses, which emphasizes rejuvenation and balance through yoga and relaxation at infinity pools.

All this is possible to enjoy while traveling to various destinations – the Mediterranean, the Baltic, the Caribbean, and transatlantic seas. With The Ritz-Carlton, yachting has never been so splendid.

Explore more of the sites, programs, inclusions, and services offered by the Yacht Collection on The Ritz-Carlton website.



The somewhat new, emerging concept of micro-cruises appears to be the right solution for ocean travel in the post-covid age with limits on the number of passengers allowed, which mitigates the risk of transmitting disease.

They are more environmentally friendly, too ― a crucial aspect that benefits both people and nature! 

The extraordinary intimate experiences also provide slower, deeper, and more meaningful trips – something we are all seeking more of now too.

Whenever you decide to travel again, remember that micro-cruising is a luxurious yet safe and sanitary way of satisfying your wanderlust.

If you’d like to discuss any of these options, please schedule a chat with me. I’d love to help you find the right micro-cruise for you.

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