How to Get the Most “Hygge” Out of Denmark (5 Hidden Gems of Wellness)


February 24, 2021

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Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world. They even have a word with no English translation :: 

Hygge, to describe a feeling of warmth, coziness, happiness, and togetherness. 

Our 2020 summer intern, Delaney Sears, had the pleasure of studying abroad in Copenhagen in the fall of 2019. She learned firsthand that Danish culture and atmosphere breeds a unique sense of happiness and satisfaction.

There are fantastic opportunities for wellness everywhere in Denmark. Quaint experiences, happy locals, a vigorous yoga culture, and an open and healthy mindset make it very easy to feel at ease in this Scandinavian sanctuary. 

Take a look at these ideas for getting the most hygge out of Denmark ::

1 | CopenHot

Get a unique spa experience at CopenHot, a sailing spa that floats around Copenhagen’s harbor. There is a fire-heated barrel spa available right on the harbor, allowing you to sit and relax in 40-degree water (in Celsius – for you Fahrenheit folks, that’s just over 100 degrees!). 

CopenHot’s core concept is rooted in New Nordic Wellness, which they describe as “wilderness facilities in an urban setting.” The water they use in both the mobile spa and in the harbor hot tub is clean seawater, and natural firewood is used to heat it. 

Once done soaking in the warm water, you can enjoy a panoramic glass-walled sauna with a view of the harbor or an icy barrel shower to continue the experience. 

All you need to bring is swimwear, and you can relax alone or with friends surrounded by beautiful Copenhagen views.

Book your visit here. 

2 | Skodsborg Spa and Fitness

Skodsborg Spa and Fitness focuses on revitalizing the senses. The spa offers a multitude of treatments, allowing you to pamper everything from your face to your feet. The fitness section provides a view of the ocean and high-end, up-to-date exercise equipment and trainers to help guide your workout. 

A unique aspect of this wellness oasis is its light and color therapy, designed to heighten your mood and energy and fight off fatigue. 

Every sense will be treated at Skodsborg, providing a genuinely full-body wellness experience. 

Book your visit here.  

3 | Botanisk Have

Attached to Copenhagen’s Natural History Museum, botanisk have translates to botanical garden, a 10 hectare garden with countless beautiful spots to relax or hide away from the outside world. 

The garden is home to a series of historical greenhouses (sometimes called glasshouses) and classical statues. There are herbariums, conservatories, shops, and a museum to keep you occupied and at peace all day long. 

If you find yourself craving green and nature in the Copenhagen’s bustling city, the Copenhagen Botanical Garden (Botanisk Have, for those of you trying to pick up some Danish) is the place to explore. 

Photo credit: University of Copenhagen

4 | Christiania

In the middle of Copenhagen lies Christiania, a little commune that practically acts as its own tiny town. Filled with local art and street vendors, another name for this area is Freetown, as it operates so separately from the rest of Copenhagen.

Because of this separation, wandering around Christiania is a wonderful way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city while still experiencing incredible Danish culture.

Walk through the forest or along the river, see the waterside houses made of recyclable materials, and buy some handmade jewelry from a local artist to fully experience this hidden gem in the heart of Copenhagen.

5 | Copenhagen Yoga Studios

As a city centered around satisfaction, happiness, and health, Copenhagen is home to a multitude of fantastic yoga studios. Available in every neighborhood of the city, there’s sure to be one convenient for you! 

:: Yogacentralen in Frederiksberg is right off of the metro line, and new customers get a reduced price for their first three classes. Offering classes in English and Danish, Yogacentralen is a central (hence the name!), affordable studio to dip your toes into the Danish yoga scene. 

Get more information here

:: B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga Center sits in a historic building, a former church, right on the lake’s edge. Their two yoga rooms give classes for both new students and those with ample yoga experience. The rooms overlook the lake, letting students experience beautiful views (and see some swans!) as you center yourself. 

Get more information here.

No matter what yoga studio you choose (because this is just the tip of the iceberg), immersing yourself in the Danes’ love for yoga is one of the best ways to experience pure Danish wellness.  

This beautiful country is full of hidden gems of wellness and beautiful spots of tranquility—it’s no wonder that its locals are among the happiest in the world. Hopefully, their satisfaction can rub off… or maybe, we’ve found their secrets!

Which of these Danish wellness spots intrigues you most? Have you ever taken a yoga class taught in another language? Is this something you’d like to experience? (Yes, of course we can help you plan this trip!)

Additional Resources ::

The Book of Hygge – The Danish Art of Contentment, Comfort and Connection by Louisa Thomsen Brits.

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My New Roots’ Green Copenhagen Guide: 6 Healthy Hotspots For The Wellness Traveler – from Forbes

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