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My mom got a full scholarship to college because of her oratory skills and had a stint as a stand-up comedian too. (I didn't find out about the comedy part until after she died.)  I’m happy to have inherited many of her qualities.

If you're looking for a good storyteller who can convey helpful information succinctly and with humor, warmth and quotable quips, read on.

Take your discussions to the next level with a travel expert. Someone with a proven ability to provide intriguing facts, essential advice, and entertaining stories. 

Hello there. I'm Cassandra.

I don’t just offer travel; I craft stories. Stories you can enter and experience yourself. Memories my clients treasure and share. And the best stories surprise you and delight you, right? 

With 38 years of world travel and more than 20 years in the wellness industry, I am well poised for this extraordinary moment of time - in travel and with wellness. 


Here are some topics 

The Future of Travel 

Learn about how travel is different post-pandemic, how travel will continue to change and/or about the top trends in the luxury market. Download our 2022 Travel Trends Guide. 

What is Wellness Travel 

Wellness is whatever makes you feel alive. I'm on a mission to expand the definition of wellness travel beyond the resorts and spa and the yoga mat and green juice.  See my 1 minute impromptu speech on this here.

How to Travel Well

Travel has never been more stressful. There are ways to reduce those stress points and boost your wellbeing - physical and mental - so you can fully enjoy your holiday. Check out our Wellness Travel Guide. 

I can help with that.

I can tailor topics to your specific needs and audience. Want to educate your community on things to know or do before booking international flights? I got you. Curious about the best wellness destinations in Europe? I've got that too.

drop me an email: cmm@premierwellnesstravel.com

What Makes Me Different

I launched my travel design boutique six months before the pandemic shut down everything.

I am so passionate about travel to boost well being because a 10-day trip over 20 years changed everything for me — and it saved my life.

The extraordinary challenges of the last few years did not dissuade me. I only became more committed because now ALL travel is wellness travel. Wellness is whatever makes you feel more alive. Don't we each value that more than ever? Travel is the best way I know to feel vibrant, wonder and excitement.

So I buckled up, built a longer runway and survived. And I'm here to talk about travel, wellness and how they animate each other.

seriously, this is pretty special

Official Bio

After getting her undergraduate degree from Vassar College, her JD from American University’s Washington College of Law and her MA in Writing from Johns Hopkins, Cassandra decided to collect a few more letters after her name. A yogi since 1994, she added RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) in 2002 and a C-IAYT (a certified yoga therapist) in 2017.  A meditator for more than two decades, she has clocked 1963 meditation sessions, including an 800+-day streak (still going!). 

She owned her own yoga studio from 2003-2010, nilambu yoga, where she taught clients how to befriend their own bodies and offered stretches for their minds. Her writing has appeared MindBodyGreen, Teach.Yoga, and HuffPost where one of her essays went viral. Over her career as a wellness coach, public television attorney and yoga therapist, Cassandra provided succinct quotes for USA Today, The Washington Post, UPI, Washington Blade, Neurology Now, and The Guardian.

She’s been a frequent online guest for live interviews within her industry. As a skilled public speaker for PBS, she fielded tough audience questions in both NY and LA. 

Having experienced the transformative power of travel in just 10 pivotal days, her signature approach to travel design creates lasting change and powerful shifts to a more authentic, meaningful and healthier life. 

Her favorite part of her job? The sound of her clients' voices when they return home. She has no intention of ever retiring. 

Certified yoga therapist, former PBS attorney, scribbler of poems and prose, and undisputed queen of great hats.

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