We elevate our client's trips with smart, unbiased expertise. Premier Wellness Travel specializes in crafting the most sophisticated and inspired leisure experiences.

By utilizing our vast network of local experts and our extraordinary relationships with the owners and managers of hotels, resorts, private apartments, villas, yachts, and more, we provide our members with unique, remarkable journeys and unforgettable milestone trips.

When you work with us, you'll get access to travel experiences and adventures you can't find online for any price.

We're here to help you
travel like no other.

We cultivate relationships 

We're not just experts in travel. We take the time to become an expert in YOU to make sure your vacation is one that you didn't even know was possible and beyond your dreams.

Our long-term relationships with our clients enables us to design highly personalized ideas and itineraries. Our team takes pride in delivering warm, friendly, and highly personalized service to each of our clients. I’m happy to say many are now treasured friends too. 

One last thing - all client interactions are conducted with the utmost confidentiality. And you never have to give your affiliate, airline and hotel program numbers again. We keep it all securely on file.

What Makes Us Different

At Premier Wellness Travel, we work with you to enrich your travels in ways that will enhance your life. DC Modern Luxury designated us The Best in the City in 2023 + 2024, and we know that true luxury is a travel partner you can trust.

We explore the world firsthand to design bespoke holidays that connect you with exclusive experiences and hidden gems. And by participating in luxury travel trade shows globally, we develop relationships that enhance our clients' travels in every aspect. Our well-connected global team stays informed about new openings and upcoming events, ensuring our clients are the first to know. We also secure coveted restaurant reservations and tickets to the most sought-after events.

And by being an independent affiliate of EMBARK Beyond, the most innovative host agency in the business, we're backed by a collective brain and black book, as well as buying power to get the best. 

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The perfect travel design edits out anything that doesn’t have positive resonance. Whatever remains is life-enhancing.  



Planning Travel is Hard.

Doesn't Have to Be

We’re here to make travel planning enjoyable again... to handle all the details so you can get back to exploring what you love.

Our mission is to tailor experiences that inspire you to live your best — every day in every way. So that your holidays not only linger in your mind but are ever a part of your life.

You choose your wellness.
That could be a steak or tofu. Wine or tea. Sleep or a round of golf. Or both. Our wellness is outside of the clichéd box and goes beyond the green juice, the yoga mat, and the spa.

We ensure that all your travel is deeply and meticulously personalized to you so that you can feel more alive and vital. That's our definition of wellness travel. 

How we are redefining

luxury travel




I design travel with the ear of a therapist and the eye of a lawyer.

As a certified yoga therapist, I’m a great listener and highly intuitive. And the lawyer in me gets off on reading footnotes with exquisite attention to detail. 

In between my travels, I call Washington DC home, a city that I love for its history, culture and politics and where I meet the most fascinating people in the world. Plus, I am enchanted by its European glamour. 

Tonya loved her Dream Vacation

"A Five-Star Experience"

Working with Cassandra was an extraordinary experience. She magically planned our 2-week dream vacation at the last minute during the busiest travel time in Europe. She figured out our list of desires and made them happen. She was well organized and made sure we had everything we needed. When I was concerned that I might have to cancel at the last minute, she handled it with calm and confidence. Upon arrival, she took the time to have special things in our room at each location. Her attention to detail set a precedent of how I want to travel in the future, which is why I won't do it without her.


"I don't even know what to say"

OMG!!! I don’t even know what to say! This trip looks incredible…the perfumerie and those boat trips are BEYOND!!! Holy moly! Now I really am excited.


"My wife was on the verge of tears"

I’ve never been anywhere quite so stunningly beautiful. From the initial boat ride, I saw shades of blue and cyan that photographs can’t do justice. I work in color for a living and was not prepared! The grounds are beyond lush, the staff are friendly and helpful, the food and bev exceed our expectations.

In an hour, they’re coming to move us from an ocean-facing king (which is really lovely) to a one-bedroom beach house, courtesy of your good works. My wife was on the verge of tears when we found out.

Pre-Departure Checklist

Packing mishaps range from inconvenient (heading to the Bahamas without a swimsuit) to disastrous (leaving something in your fridge that'll turn into a science experiment before you get back), but most are preventable. We've created this ultimate packing list to help you pack well, every time.