GrouP Travel ADVantage

What I Do

I help sophisticated travelers enhance their adventures — through exploration, restoration, and inspiration.

Enjoy hidden gems and experiences that exceed what you see in magazines, the internet, or a travel guide.

Wellness travel is whatever makes you feel more alive — and I design bespoke, exceptional travel to do just that.


What's in it for you

Revel in extraordinary amenities at top resorts, hotels, and cruise lines worldwide. 

When you work with me, you benefit from my 40+ years of world travel and 20+ years in the wellness industry. I LOVE what I do and always expanding my network and knowledge base in both wellness and travel. And my >350 global partners are all harnessed to create the best experience for YOU. You're going to enjoy excursions you didn't even know were possible! 

When you travel with Premier Wellness, you'll be treated like a star with holidays that are entirely tailored to your style and tastes. I extend your investment of both time and money with early access to opportunities, special room rates and bundles that aren't available to the public.

Concierge Service Retainer

This is an annual retainer where I actively seek out travel opportunities for you. The better I know you, the better I can deliver the travel adventures of your dreams.

My concierge service includes :: 

— Two custom itinerary trips per year included
— Access to special business, first class and private jet rates
— An advocate proactively seeking travel opportunities
— First in line for special opportunities and savings
— Long term, optimized travel plans
— Schedule of travel for personal milestones or events abroad
— Delineated outline of destinations and experiences to be planned

We are currently accepting new concierge clients.

Group Travel Advantage

Savor more fun with more friends. We now offer small group, custom-crafted tours that can be fully escorted (or not) with special insider access. 

My Group Travel Advantage service includes ::

-- extraordinary experiences that become lasting memories
-- coordination of all tours, guides, and activities
-- more strength, and savings, in numbers for accommodations
-- VIP status and amenities
-- all group travel logistics organized
-- access to special business, first and private jet rates
-- leader travels free (contingent on numbers and vendors)

We are now accepting clients interested in small group journeys.

Bespoke Itinerary Design

Relish a trip tailored to your taste and enjoy worry-free travel. I'm attuned to you and attend to every detail.

Our bespoke travel itinerary service includes ::
— Itinerary design with up to 2 revisions
— Access to VIP services, bonuses + exclusives
— Planning for tours and experiences, including special requests
— Recorded pre-travel itinerary walkthrough
— Personalized digital itinerary app
— Assistance while abroad
— Dining and spa reservations, with food preferences
— Welcome gift

We accept one-off trips as our current roster of concierge clientele allows.

How It Works

We begin with a personal interview to help us understand your wishes for your trip. I become an expert in your passions, tastes, and interests and edit out anything that doesn't have positive resonance.


Once you've decided we're a good fit, you choose the service level that best suits your needs. Once the agreement is signed and paid, I'll start on your holiday!


Next I work my magic. Two rounds of revisions and additions are included. You get to enjoy the fun parts of planning and leave the details to me. You'll be briefed and involved as much as you'd like.



Once the proposal is perfected, we lock it down with a deposit. Payment terms are dictated by how soon you're leaving and partner or hotel policies.

Anticipation is half the fun! You'll get your itinerary documents and I'll also share unique online resources for you to engage your mind and stimulate your dreams before you leave.


Bon Voyage

Throughout your trip, you'll receive 24/7 support from me. I'll also be quietly monitoring along the way to ensure that everything's going well.

After you return I'll be in touch to hear all about your adventure!


Keep going

Cassandra does nothing 1/2 way, and her attention to detail is apparent from the beginning of your journey. When nothing less than the best is an option, Cassandra doesn't disappoint.
— Nickie

When there is no substitute for excellence

Beyond our expectations. Seriously, the bar covered in Oscar paraphernalia & yummy treats was over the top... in the best way. And the chefs took such good care of me. So wonderful not having to constantly go through my ridiculous food restrictions!
— Deane

The trip was flawless.

We loved the upgrade & were delighted to be welcomed by fresh flowers and a delicious cheese plate. Premier Wellness Travel gave us extraordinary care and attention... we so enjoyed getting out of our home for a break and experiencing such luxury!
— Amy

What an ahhh-mazing staycation!

At no cost to me, I got an incredible rate and stunning upgraded suite with an ocean view! The hotel treated me like a VIP with lavish amenities, my favorite bourbon, and daily attention from the staff. I'll never travel again without consulting Cassandra first.
— Patrick

I normally book my own travel. Never again.

This is the only way to travel! Worry free! Truly the Rolls Royce of luxury travel…and attention to your individual details! Thank you for this marvelous gift of yourself you give….and ohhh how you do it best!!
— Jackie

The Rolls Royce of luxury travel

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