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Your leisure time is your most valuable asset. Let's fill your travel investment with meaning and marvels.  

We offer luxury travel planning and design through our extensive network of industry partners, years of experience and research, special entrée and access, and immense value — all while creating contentment and boosting delight. 

Luxury Travel planning + Design

You're in the right place if...

— You're perfectly comfortable booking a luxury hotel and first-class flights — but you yearn to enhance your most valuable, non-renewable asset — your leisure time. You want to partner with professionals who can make magic happen. 

— You already have access to lots of extras through your credit card. But you’d value a trusted guide to get you there easier. And make “there” even more wow!

— You're keen to experience travel differently, to see unusual places (or old places in unusual ways), and to experience truly unique adventures. 

OMG! I didn’t even know that was possible!

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When you travel with us, you always get

Extensive possibilities include private villas or palaces, private islands, jets, helicopters, yachts, or luxury apartments. Oh, and lots of hidden gems. 

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VIP service with exclusive entry to sporting, entertainment, and fashion events, as well after-hours, private tours, and unique access to sites and scenes.

The personal touch, and everything is done for you with care, reliability, and attention to detail. So you don't have to deal with the internet or bots.

Truly unique and tailored experiences that allow you to travel in a way you didn't even know was possible — you can't find or reserve these trips yourself.

Absolutely the best rates that aren't available to the public, via our preferred partner programs with elite hotels around the globe, plus high-level on-site service.

We also offer...

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going to state the challenges and frustrations 

Expert Advice :: If you have a destination in mind, we can provide guidance on destinations and offer our insider expertise. 

Groups or Events :: extra special corporate retreats, destination celebrations, weddings, or wellness getaways — we can even coordinate a jet for your group. Depending on the size of your group, length, and complexity of the trip, we will suggest the best level for you. More details here.

Expedited Travel :: so long as it's legal and ethical, we'll be herculean in our efforts to make it happen — quicker. Expedited travel is < 8 weeks out. 





Retainer Agreements :: everything — really, everything — is done for you, and you're our top priority. 


How It Works

We begin with a personal interview to help us understand your wishes for your trip. We become experts in your passions, tastes, and interests and edit out anything that doesn't have positive resonance. We can consult in English, Spanish or Italian. 


Once you've decided we're a good fit, you choose the service level that best suits your needs. Once the agreement is signed and paid, we will start on your holiday!


Next we work our magic.  You get to enjoy the fun parts of planning and leave the details to us. You'll be briefed and involved as much as you'd like.



Once the proposal is perfected, we lock it down with a deposit. Payment terms are dictated by how soon you're leaving and partner or hotel policies.

Anticipation is half the fun! You'll get your itinerary documents and we'll also share unique online resources for you to engage your mind and stimulate your dreams before you leave.


Bon Voyage

Throughout your trip, you'll receive support from us and our partners. We will also be quietly monitoring along the way to ensure that everything's going well.

After you return we will be in touch to hear all about your adventure! And, of course, start planning the next one! 


Keep going


We’re here to make travel planning enjoyable again... to handle all the details so you can get back to exploring what you love.

why should i use a travel designer?

Who is the typical Premier Wellness Travel client?

Is individual pricing available on proposals? 

How do I get started?

To make sure your trip is one for the books, we’ve got a repertoire of possibilities including scholarly tour guides, exclusive dining experiences, after-hour tours and more. Also, we will save you money in the long run as we are privy to savings, special pricing, value-added amenities and upgrades that are not available to the public. We also provide peace of mind. We can not control weather disasters, pandemics, or revolutions. But with us as your advocates, you have someone with the personal connections, industry knowledge, legal skills, and negotiation background who can resolve difficulties quickly. 

why should i use a travel designer?

Who is the typical Premier Wellness Travel client?

Is individual pricing available on proposals? 

How do I get started?

Our clients are curious, educated, and sophisticated. They travel the world and know exactly how to book flights and hotels on their own. But they also value their time, energy, and money. So they appreciate the value, innovations, and extras our services consistently bring to their travels. Our clients are willing and able to invest in travel, but they are frugal. They don’t like wasting time either. Our clients love how well we get to know them and our attention to detail - whether its their favorite bourbon on ice, the perfect dinner reservation or the surprise experience they didn’t even know was possible!

why should i use a travel designer?

Who is the typical Premier Wellness Travel client?

Is individual pricing available on proposals? 

How do I get started?

Travel pricing is quoted in your proposal as a whole package, inclusive. So a la carte costs are not available. When you order in a restaurant, patrons do not get charged for each ingredient in a dish. Likewise, our proposals are like a delicious dish with lots of ingredients designed for your delight by an expert. Doing so enables us to consolidate purchases and include amenities, discounts and incorporate more liberal rules and restrictions that I have access to as a travel designer. We love to pass along these advantages to you.

why should i use a travel designer?

Who is the typical Premier Wellness Travel client?

Is individual pricing available on proposals? 

How do I get started?

We offer a free consultation call to make sure we’re a good fit. To begin your escape plan, we ask you fill out this form so we can understand you and your travel needs. And listen, if we’re not a good fit, I’ll be frank with you. I’m not an expert in all types of travel. So, if you’re better served with one of my colleagues, I will offer you alternatives to get you on your way.

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"That was a dream getaway."

Working with Cassandra was an absolute pleasure. Her guidance was personable and informed from her own genuine experience. She listened to what was important to us and helped tailor our dream getaway. We look forward to enlisting Cassandra again as we plan our next adventure.


"Cassandra is intuitive"

Cassandra is the best kind of travel agent. She is intuitive and listens attentively to your dreams and expectations. She asks questions to clarify your needs. Once she is clear on what you want, she does everything possible to deliver options and ideas to manifest your ideal trip.


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