A La Carte Services

A La Carte Services

How many times have you wished you had the help of a human being when you travel?

For our clients and friends, Premier Wellness Travel offers assistance on specific elements of their travel. We’ve curated a list of preferred suppliers who offer insider rates and services that are not available to the general public.

Enjoy the comfort and ease of having an expert at your back.

We offer the following ::

Hotel Bookings


Hotels have vibes. I’ll offer ideas that match your personality, style and needs. If you know the when and where, I’d be delighted to assist you at no fee. You’ll get access to our exclusive bonus amenities through the Virtuoso Luxury Travel Consortium. Or you can book yourself here and I’ll VIP you.

Trip Protection


Travel insurance is adapting to the post-Covid world too. I always recommend insurance to protect your investment and to safeguard your health while abroad. We all know glitches and the unexpected happens.

Airline Bookings

Domestic $50 | International $150

The airline industry is adapting to changing border policies and pandemic protections. I can book your tickets with access to business and first class rates that not available online. I also reserve private jets, in shares or whole.

Car Service


Your trip begins the moment you cross the threshold of your home. And doesn’t end until you cross back. Same in your destination – from the airport to where you lay your head. I’ll make sure you’re safe and in good hands and not taken for a ride. I can also arrange car service in site with chauffeured tour guides.