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I BELIEVE trips can transform – everything.



It only took 10 days to shift my entire life. Now, I love to design trips that’ll transform your life, too.

Hi, I’m Cassandra, and I’m so happy that you’re here. I create experiences that nourish you long after you return home. I’m a matchmaker and pathfinder who’ll uncover your perfect holiday so you can live your best.

But I don’t just offer travel; I craft stories. Stories you can enter and experience yourself. Memories you can treasure and share. And the best stories surprise you and delight you.

Harness my expertise, and let me be your guide amid this new and constantly changing travel landscape.

Learn more of my story and why I’m so passionate about wellness travel.

Other fast facts

When I design your holiday, you benefit from my expertise as well as the knowledge of hundreds of other travel advisors in my travel network and my preferred Virtuoso partners.


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38 Years of
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Let’s Have a Fun Conversation

My mom got a full ride to college because of her oratory skills and (I found out after her death) had a stint as a stand-up comedian too. I’m happy to have inherited many of her qualities.

Here are some of my favorite things to talk about ::

  • The Future of Travel — How Travel Will Be Different Post-Pandemic

  • What is Wellness Travel — Beyond the Spa and Green Juices

  • How to Travel Well — Ways to Ensure Your Wellbeing

  • Keep Your Zen — So You Can Feel More Alive, Grounded & Clear

  • How to Build Better Sleep — Ways to Coax Your Body to Rest

If you have a podcast, group, or employees who’d enjoy hearing about travel, wellness (or both!), reach out. I love sharing my experiences, insider knowledge, and tips.


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