City Escapes


Let’s go abroad!

Most countries may still be closed to tourists, but you can escape and travel to a beautiful foreign city with one of our City Escapes. You’ll get all you need to craft the perfect weekend while you immerse yourself in an exciting place and cosmopolitan culture.


 Here’s What You’ll Experience

Our City Guides are an easy way to explore a foreign destination from the safety of home. Dive deep into a city that fascinates you. Our printable guides contain every element you need to let your imagination explore a new city. We hit all the senses, and then some!

  • taste a traditional beverage (and most offer a mocktail option!)

  • smell an aromatherapy blend to evoke the magic of your destination.

  • listen to a playlist of music that captures the sound of a place.

  • peruse a historic site, galleries, museums and more.

  • watch one of our curated series or movies that’ll transport you abroad.

  • read books, carefully selected from national treasures and settings.

  • learn from selected meaty podcast episodes to discover unusual stories.

  • and of course, dream for when the world reopens by checking out premier hotel until we can check in.



For my birthday, I created an at-home spa day with your Paris City Escape. It was so much fun! You thought of everything with these delicious packages.

Thank you for rescuing my birthday in this challenging environment!

— Dawn