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We love to reduce as many friction points as possible for our clients and their trips. We can’t promise nothing will go sideways. But we can anticipate pitfalls and plan optimally with our inside knowledge. Travel and planning travel has always been complex. And both planning and actual travel are still mightily disrupted coming out of the pandemic. 

Here are just a few examples of how we bring ease to travel ::

If you are busy living your life, we plan everything for you. All you have to do is review your proposal tailored to your needs and desires, provide feedback, and simply enjoy!

If you are up late at night with > 50 tabs open and lost amid the overwhelming choices, we source accommodations, flights, tours, activities, and more tailored just to you. If you Google Paris hotels, you get nearly three thousand results. We love finding that perfect hotel that suits your need, personality, and preferences.

If you are unsure about needed travel documents or visas, shots, immunizations or medical records, or even simply local customs like tipping, we provide all of that information to our clients. 

If you want access to exceptional travel experiences, we can easily arrange everything. Those hard-to-snag tickets, dining reservations, or seats at fashion or sporting events?  Yes, yes, and yes. So long as it’s ethical and legal, we’ve got you!  

If you hate long lines at customs, we can help you get global entry. (We have insider tips). We can also assist with TSA Pre-Check or CLEAR.

If you have a tight connection, we arrange a VIP escort to get you through connecting airports when time is tight, so you don’t miss your next flight. This service is especially useful when you have to go through customs before catching your next flight. 

If your flight gets canceled (it’s still happening a lot!), our clients are taken care of with a 24/7 concierge service for rearranging flights home. And you don’t even have to deal with the airlines yourself.

If your suite isn’t quite right, we, with our buying power, get it fixed fast. And that goes for other difficulties along the way. If a problem arises, it’s our problem.

If you want to escape your regular calendar and truly get away, we assemble only the details and times you need to know for your holiday into one electronic app. And you don’t have to look at your calendar – at all. 

If you’re trying to herd cats (aka your friends or family) for a big trip, we can gather all the details needed for each traveler, coordinate directly with them, and even collect separate payments.

If you want travel insurance (and we HIGHLY recommend it), we can explain how it works and provide good options for you, including policies that offer “CFAR,” which stands for “Cancel for Any Reason.”  Insurance is so helpful and will assist with most travel catastrophes such as a stolen wallet, AWOL luggage, and more 

Speaking of luggage, if you want to ship yours ahead, we can do that too. And the butler can have everything unpacked and ready for your arrival!  What could be easier than that? 
We bring ease to travel in so many ways it’s hard to delineate them all! The most valuable facet of our services is the ease we bring to your peace of mind. Your worries are clear, and you’ve got an advocate at your back. That’s priceless!  

Enjoy the wonder of working with a travel advisor and having all the details taken care of so that you can simply anticipate the fun and then relish every bit! 

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