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I love to celebrate love all February long! (This year, I’m starting a little early in January because, hey, why not?)

We truly can celebrate love any time of the year. Romance travel is a thing — you can pull it off with a staycation at home, at a local hotel, or by heading off on a road trip with some great podcasts.

Below is a list of the most romantic destinations and experiences in the world, which are ready to welcome you as soon as you’re ready.

These magical destinations can inspire a foreign-destination celebration or get you in the mood with fantasy ::

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Known as the “Paris of South America,” Buenos Aires is a city full of eclectic European architecture and multicultural pursuits that is reminiscent of its diverse history. You won’t need to travel to Europe to hear the (arguably) most romantic languages of the world: Italian, Spanish, French — you’ll hear them right in Argentina.

A stay at the Faena Hotel, a 5-star luxury hotel, is super sexy and will change your definition of an urban oasis. Then, visit the affiliated Faena Art Center, whose spatial interiors and dramatic architecture provide a jaw-dropping backdrop for forward-thinking exhibitions and displays. While there are plenty of other things you can do in the Argentine capital (like visiting the city’s famous bookstore), what’s more romantic than admiring an art exhibition together?

Visit their website to learn more about the amenities they have to offer.

Canyon Point, Utah, USA

Camp out in luxury at Camp Sarika — a tented retreat amid towering rust-colored mountains where you can indulge in romantic, fireside dinners under a magnificent canopy of stars. For all you hiking enthusiasts, Canyon Point is where you will want to spend your next getaway. Nestled in a protected valley, this postcard-perfect corner of southern Utah lies in a protected valley among the flat-topped mesas and desert landscapes of the Grand Circle. If luxury camping doesn’t inspire you, you can stay at the elegant Amangiri, whose design melds with the stunning environment. With five national parks and the Navajo Nation Reservation in its immediate proximity, Camp Sarika is a unique entry point into the intriguing wilds of the Old West!

Visit their website to learn more about the fantastic experiences available.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Undeniable romance is in the air of Edinburgh. When I visited in 2019, I fell in love instantly with the cobblestone streets, the green hills, and the massive medieval architecture. Not unlike binging the historical drama Outlander (2014), you’ll witness firsthand the highlander culture that makes Scotland unique from its English neighbor to the south. And ICYMI “droughtlander” finally ends soon – on March 6th!

The Belmond Royal Scotsman makes the adventure convenient: choose an itinerary that fits your needs and step back into time while relaxing on the luxury train as it takes you across the Celtic hillsides. When you return to the capital, we suggest dining at The Witchery by the Castle, a hotel infused with gothic glamor befitting any couple that likes to indulge in dramatic luxury.

Learn more about the Belmond Royal Scotsman here and the Witchery by the Castle here.

Parrot Cay, Turks & Caicos

A naked picnic on a secluded beach, anyone? That’s just one of the extraordinary experiences offered by COMO Parrot Cay. You can enjoy an intimate meal and then either bathe together in a wood tub or get a couple’s massage outside while the waves lap. A luxury resort set on its own private island, Parrot Cay features 1,000 unspoiled acres and over four miles of beach. From eco-friendly snorkelling to stand-up paddle-boarding, Parrot Cay island has an endless number of excursions that you and your loved one can experience together!

Visit their website to learn more about the amenities they have to offer.

Paris, France

Paris needs no introduction. Known as the original la Ville de L’amour, Paris is the epitome of romantic cities worldwide. Whether you are dining at the Eiffel Tower or serenading along the Seine, almost everything you’ll experience is romantic. Consider taking your romance to the next level by booking a suite at Le Bristol Paris, an icon of French elegance and l’art de vivre. With their newly-renovated 13,000 square foot courtyard garden, a rooftop swimming pool, and Le Bar du Bristol, you and your partner won’t ever want to leave the hotel! In order to ensure you make the most out of your visit, follow their 3-day perfect itinerary, which offers guests a balanced tour of Parisian culture and gastronomy.

Visit their website to learn more about the amenities they have to offer.

Rome, Italy

The city’s linguistically exact name, Roma, means “amor” (love) backward. You can also find it in the word “romance.” Coincidence? We think not. Also nicknamed the “Eternal City” due to its millennia of history, Rome is a mesmerizing amalgam of ancient and modern art and architecture. You won’t want to miss out on all the experiences the Italian capital has to offer, and the Palazzo Manfredi can assist in this endeavor. This 16th-century palace dazzles with more than just its jaw-dropping views — it is a luxury hotel that can provide couples with a Romantic Package that includes champagne, fruit, a bed of petals, and more!

Visit their website to learn more about the amenities they have to offer.

Santorini, Greece

Coined the “wine island” for its famous wine-making industry, Santorini (officially Thira) is known today for its iconic limewashed cubic abodes. It was also the site of numerous volcanic eruptions — hopefully, you and your partner’s romantic passions can rival the fiery embers of past eruptions. Plus, legend has it that Euphemus, son of Poseidon, created the island following a dream where he made love to a nymph — so the ancient gods undeniably infused love on this island! The accommodations at Grace Hotel Santorini are just the icing on the cake. This cliff-top retreat offers experiences like yoga, picnics, and private cruises. Here, you’ll fall in love with more than just your partner!

Visit their website to learn more about the amenities they have to offer.

New York City, USA

Over the past century, countless artists, writers, and singers have romanticized the city of New York. While it can indeed be a romantic getaway for couples, the ordinary traveler may also fall in love with the city itself. While all five boroughs each offer unique opportunities to visitors, no one can deny the irresistible allure of Manhattan. A stay at The Dominick will only solidify this claim. Their 46-story hotel provides unparalleled views from floor-to-ceiling windows of the concrete jungle (including from the bathtubs for two). Offering Manhattan’s only luxury Hammam Spa, at The Dominick, a dedicated Hammam Attaché can lead you through time-honored rituals from Turkey and Morocco. Furthermore, its location reinforces NYC’s magic since SoHo is a microcosm of the city, compressing endless art, history, fashion, and food into merely 26 blocks!

Visit their website to learn more about the amenities they have to offer.

Valentine’s Day is a magical time when people reinforce their love and affection for others. Although traveling to celebrate this holiday might be difficult this year, we hope that you appreciate all the love in your life — be it amid your friends or with your lover. And remember: although you might not be dining in the city of Paris or swimming at the beaches at Parrot Cay (at least not in person), you can generate romance and passion anywhere in the world.  

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