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Where Airplane Mode is a Mindset Not just a setting on your phone

We create unique experiences. Be astonished and awed by escapades you didn’t even know were possible. And relish an impeccable holiday that makes you feel like a star before, during, and after your trip.

How we work together

1 Let the Fun Begin

Make an appointment to get started. The fun starts with you sharing a bit about yourself, your travel dreams and your wellness goals.

2 Tell Me What You’re Looking For

A personal interview helps me understand the impetus for your trip, the deeper purpose, and the hidden potential. I’ll answer all your questions, and we’ll determine if we’re a good fit for each other.

3 The Big Yes

Once we’ve agreed to work together, you’ll get an outline of the upcoming steps. One round of revisions is included in your 500$ fee.

4 Refine to Perfection

I go and do my magic. I’ll create a concierge travel experience. We can tweak, if necessary. Once you accept the plan, we book it and start getting excited! Looking forward is half the fun!

5 Bon Voyage

Then during your trip, your itinerary is accessible in an app or on paper, if you prefer. Savor it all. I will quietly monitor to ensure smooth progress along the way. And you’ll have an in-country contact to assist if needed.

6 Take the Holiday Home

After you return, we debrief and uncover ways to implement all you’ve experienced and encountered to revitalize yourself in ways that last. And to ensure the holiday never ends.




Treat yourself to extraordinary travel designed to
restore, revive and refresh you.


My goal is to design travel that enables you to live your best life at your fullest potential – through restoration, transformation, and inspiration.

The perfect travel design edits out anything that doesn’t have positive resonance. Whatever remains must be life-enhancing.

Space is at an increasing premium – in our schedules, in our minds, and in our lives. So, we create space in our itineraries for the magic to happen. And time in your life for you to really enjoy your holiday.



Hey there, I’m Cassandra. Trips can transform – everything.

Because of a trip in 1994 to Italy, I started to practice yoga.

Because of another trip in 2002 to the Caribbean, I trained to become a yoga therapist.

And because I know first-hand how travel changes lives, I just love to design trips that transform you.

Harness my expertise, and let me be your guide amid this new and constantly changing travel landscape.

I look forward to chatting!


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Why should I use a travel designer?

To make sure your trip is one for the books, I have a repertoire of possibilities including scholarly tour guides, exclusive dining experiences, after-hour tours, and more. I relieve you of worry and give you your time back. We can not control weather disasters, pandemics, or revolutions. But with me as your advocate, you have someone with personal connections, industry knowledge, legal background, and negotiation skills who can resolve difficulties quickly. As the world cautiously re-opens, travelers should not try to DIY their travel. For more on why click here.


Why do you charge a service fee?

Lawyers charge for their counsel. Financial advisors charge for their advice. Travel advisors are no different. I’ll save you money in the long run as I’m privy to savings, special pricing, value-added amenities, and upgrades that are not available to the public. Here at Premier Wellness Travel, we’ve devoted time and resources in order to be able to offer exquisite service and seamless experiences. Your holiday is an important investment. Isn’t the peace of mind that comes with knowing your holiday is fully protected, designed especially for you, and safeguarded against disaster priceless?

Who travels with Premier Wellness Travel?

Our clients are curious, educated, and sophisticated. They travel the world and know exactly how to book flights and hotels on their own. But they also value their time, energy, and money. So they appreciate the value, innovations, and extras our services consistently bring to their travels. Our clients are willing and able to invest in travel, and they value excellent value. They don’t like wasting time either. Our clients love how well we get to know them and our attention to detail – whether it’s their favorite bourbon on ice, the perfect dinner reservation, or the surprise experience they didn’t even know was possible. Our clients are also relaxed and delighted because they’ve got us at their side making everything easy and fun.


Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is adapting to the post-Covid world too. I always 10000% recommend insurance to protect your investment and to safeguard your health while abroad. We all know glitches and the unexpected happens. In fact, if you decide not to purchase insurance, I will ask you to sign a disclaimer in which you acknowledge the risks.