Our Principles



Our Principles

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

we believe in Planet Preservation

Sustainable travel preserves the globe. Places have meaning beyond postcards and selfies. Our choices are forces that can conserve natural resources and archaeological sites. Everyone can explore the earth in ways that safeguard ecosystems, preserve wildlife and secure geographic wonders. Overcrowded destinations suffer from over-tourism and adversely affects these beautiful places.

Big Ben, London, United Kingdom

we believe in Balance

Every individual has their own sweet spot between scheduled events and open time; between activity and rest, between popular sites and local experiences, between escorted tours and open exploring. A tailored trip ensures your adventure strikes just the right balance for you. And helps to ensure your investment of time and money enlivens and excites you – for whatever you need at this time.

Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France

we believe in Exceptional Service

The best hospitality and service remembers you personally and anticipates your needs. Top service is attentive to details because details matter. Expertise in resources and best practices make for a seamless, stressless trip. Service should be as efficient and effective as a butler from 100 years ago, anticipating needs. And yes, such things are still possible.

Alfa Romeo, Rome, Italia

we believe in Glamorous Treatment

Sophisticated travel is an art that makes you feel like a star every step of the way. Worthwhile people and quality experiences define luxury – and often those are free. The most alluring schedules mix space for magic and appointed grand tours. Delight and surprise are the foundations of pleasure. Everyone deserves luxury, leisure and delight. And to experience the extraordinary when they travel.

Ubud, Indonesia

we believe in Health Mindset

Wellness is a mindset that is kind, attentive, nimble and forgiving. One can thrive while traveling and return home renewed and motivated. Amazing food is healthy food. Locally sourced meals are delicious and nourishing, and draconian food regimens have no place in the discovery of what makes you feel best. Deep rest is an accelerator that boosts all other lifestyle habits. 

Augsburg, Deutschland

we believe Nature Heals

Forest bathing, or Shinrin-yoku, is a Japanese tradition of walking in the woods inhaling good bacteria and plant essences. Water waves, flowing water or falling waters emit negative ions that benefit our health. Local, luscious and natural food is an integral part of sensuality and inhabiting a place fully. Flowers are said to reduce stress and physical pain. Time spent outside in nature is one of the most powerful assets for health and wellness.

Dublin, Ireland

we believe Stories Matter

Journeys matter because stories matter. The best lived life is a collection of magical stories. Awareness of the histories, myths and tales of a place and of peoples enhances our encounters along our journey. Curiosity moves us to ask questions and to learn. Slow travel allows us to enjoy intimacy and closeness. And some of the best stories are of those lost in translation.

National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, USA

we believe Art Transcends

Powerful art magnifies life’s meanings. Learning, literature and culture enhance human connection – across time, across cultures, and across spaces. Architecture, interior design, and spaces affect our wellbeing and our health. Music especially is an international language that enables us to talk and listen in 10,000 ways or more. Art moves us, connects us, changes us. And helps us see anew. It’s why we travel.