Your travel style is :: Adventurer



You never tire when traveling. In fact, you feel better and more energetic when you’re away from home. Your stomach is made of steel and foods never disturb your constitution.

You can pretty much sleep anytime, anywhere too. You’re flexible and an easy travel companion not only because of your can-do spirit but also because you plan so well for every eventuality.

Must-have packing item is —

When traveling you abhor —

In your earbuds —
Songs by Coldplay

Your snack of choice —
Yummy protein bars like these.

destination inspiration for adventurers

stay on the move and experience everything


Master night photography with renowned photographer Sean Fitzgerald, as you explore Vermejo’s 900 square miles in New Mexico. The Milky Way is big and bright under Ted Turner Reserves Vermejo’s dark skies.


Fish for humongous halibut while staying at Tutka Bay Lodge in Alaska, a resort that sits at the entrance to a stunning nine-mile fjord.


Board an expedition cruise with Atlas Ocean Voyages to witness the solar eclipse in Antarctica. You can also kayak or paddleboard the glassy waters while you become an honorary “Red Nose,” a sobriquet for the few who have been inside the Antarctic Circle.

adventurers should also consider

a meditation retreat to ground your thoughts


Solidify a meditation practice through three different types of meditation experiences at Cavallo Point’s Healing Arts Center & Spa in California.


Master meditation and optimize your health at the Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence Resort in Switzerland so you can enjoy adventures until you’re 90 years old!