Dame or Gentleman

Your travel style is ::
Dame or Gentleman



You’ve really got your act together. You’re blessed with insight and read people very well, often guessing what they’re going to say before they utter their thoughts.

You love to travel because at heart you are an explorer. Your deeply sensitive soul is easily affected by your environment and the energy around you, so when you travel, you very much value ease and comfort and luxury.

When traveling you abhor —

Must-have packing item is —
Aromatherapy pillow spray

In your earbuds —
Songs by Pink Martini

Your snack of choice —
A charcuterie platter

destination inspiration for dames or gentlemen

an urban retreat with ALL the amenities


Indulge in pampering at the 5-star spa of The Peninsula New York, where you’ll experience renewal through Vedic aromatherapy.


Feel like a princess or prince with a stay at the Belmond Charleston Place. Ascend the Georgian open-arm staircase, walk over Italian marble floors and under the glistening chandelier.


Float in the most stunning indoor pool surrounded by fire pits and daybeds at the latest Aman Resort New York City.

dames and gentlemen should also consider

getting out into the woods


Head into the wilds of nature at The Chapin Estate, only 90-minutes from New York City. There, you’ll be able to hike to discover waterfalls, kayak in a lake, ride horses, and more. It’s still luxurious, but you’ll ground your soul by immersing yourself into nature.