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Travel Design Services

Let’s work together to boost your wellbeing – through travel and despite travel.



 How Can I Help You?

My goal is to design travel that enables you to live your best life at your fullest potential – through restoration, transformation, and inspiration.

Our process starts with a personal interview that helps me understand the impetus for your trip, the deeper purpose, and the hidden potential.

The perfect design edits out anything that doesn’t have positive resonance. Whatever remains must be life-enhancing.

Space is at an increasing premium – in our schedules, in our minds, and in our lives. So, we create space in our itineraries for magic to happen.

Treat yourself to extraordinary travel designed to restore, revive and reawaken you.


Ultimate Service

Our complete service is a comprehensive, fully-personalized travel experience. Whether you wish to travel to boost your wellbeing or stay well while you visit your dream destinations, I’ll have your back.

  • Relish bespoke itineraries

  • Enjoy seamless, stressless travel

  • Access VIP services, bonuses and exclusives.

You can fully relax because you will have me onboard to make sure your trip begins, stays and ends special.



Retainer Service

Make your ease a priority with an expert partner. We will map out your dreams and make them a reality. Together, we’ll dive deep to discover your passions, wellness goals and the places you’re dying to explore. You’ll get all of the above, plus

  • long-term, optimized travel designs

  • an advocate proactively seeking opportunities

  • leveraged partnerships to ensure optimal experiences

Live your travel life at your fullest potential regardless of how often you pack and unpack.




You Book, I VIP you

I offer complementary booking assistance for resorts and hotels so you can enjoy extraordinary bonuses, free upgrades and more — at no extra cost to you.

  • Procure all the exclusive VIP perks our affiliations afford

  • Obtain exclusives for luxury destinations that specialize in wellness, adventure and celebrations

  • Delight in singular consideration from on-site managers and staff

I can book, or you can book. But consult me first to ensure you’re treated like a star.



I went to Paris for the weekend of a dear friend’s birthday. Cassandra not only matched the great rate I found online, she arranged for early check-in… which enabled me to enjoy all the festivities fully. I also got a luxurious body oil which I love and still use daily.

It reminds me of a great weekend that Cassandra made easier and better!

— Mercedes



The Process

1 Dream

First, we contemplate your passions and your places. What do you wish to experience? How do you wish to feel? What would love to transform in your life or yourself? How do you wish to grow? We start with a taubula rasa and allow your wishes to expand and reach for the stars.

2 Design

Next, I’ll go and do my magic – create a concierge travel experience for you. Part of the process is incorporating your feedback so that your trip is exactly what you envision. Your bespoke holiday will reflect all you aspire to do, see, feel, taste, sense and become. Once you approve, we book it and I’ll kindle your anticipation!

3 Discover

Then, the time for travel arrives! You’ll have all your details, reservations, and confirmations in writing and accessible digitally. I’ll be quietly monitoring to ensure smooth progress along the way. Savor it all. We’ll debrief once you return from your adventure and discuss ways to ensure your wellbeing lasts.



Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.

— Seneca




Free Resource

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