Virtual Travel

Craving an adventure?

Travelers love to learn and to encounter new worlds. Explore safely, now, from home with our carefully crafted virtual travel offerings.

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Believe me, I’d rather be sending you abroad to explore your favorite destinations.

But until the world heals and reopens, Premier Wellness Travel crafted a variety of ways to keep those travel dreams alive! Join us.

Check out our virtual travel offers

  • Flavors & Fun

    In Flavors & Fun you get a hands-on cooking lesson for a native dish from a prominent personal chef. We prepare the dish with her in real time, and you’ll get all you need ahead including wine recommendations. Then the adventure starts with a tour from a scholarly guide from on the ground in destination.

  • Sips & Spotlights

    On hiatus for the summer, Sips & Spotlights is our weekly live show. Pour yourself a cocktail and ask me anything about travel while I spotlight the latest in travel and feature my favorite partners in the travel industry. For now, you can catch past episodes on our YouTube Channel.

  • City Escapes

    To tide us over, I created a series of City Escape guides. You’ll get all you need to craft the perfect weekend (or longer) while you immerse yourself in a foreign city and culture. Our City Guides are an easy way to explore a foreign destination from the safety of home. Dive deep into a city that fascinates you.