Wellness Travel

What is Wellness Travel?


Travel is so powerful. It can boost health, wellbeing, mood, and community. And now, wellness is an integral aspect of any travel. We’ve got you – and your wellbeing – covered.


Wellness Travel Trends

  • Reboot Routines.

    Many of us have seen our routines dissolve during the pandemic shut down. Destinations offer help to reinvent our routines with our new priorities and values. Guests unabashedly prioritize and invest in self-care.

  • Personal. Personal. Personal.

    Guests are looking for wellness support that is very personal, so they enjoy individual conversations with practitioners who’ll become specialists in you. Trips tailored to your desires for your wellbeing needs. It’s all possible.

  • Natural Landscapes

    Places of beauty feed our souls. Now more than ever escapes into nature are recognized as an integral part of wellbeing. Hikes, rafting, fly-fishing, and other outdoor activities are just some activities. And forest bathing too.

  • Mental Health

    Travelers are more transparent about their mental health needs and mental exhaustion. Wellness resorts address anxiety, depression, loneliness, grief, and more. Creative and active ways to rest are also offered, as well as sleep programs.

  • Befriend the Body

    Hard-charging fitness is out. Physical adventures and experiences are in — especially those outdoors. Yoga that assists in inhabiting the body and in raising awareness of physical sensations continues to rise in popularity.

  • Educate and Integrate

    Guests are looking for knowledge. They are saying “I want to feel better. Teach me how.” More and more destinations are offering post-trip support to integrate lifestyle changes at home. And Premier Wellness Travel does too.

Let’s explore the possibilities

Lifestyle Wellness Travel

Merely existing is not good enough. Feel vital… and THRIVE. Up-level lifestyle skills such as cooking, moving, sleeping. Retreat to a quiet place for deep rest, or visit to a pure medical resort for a full evaluation. Immerse in healing nature or a yoga retreat. Escape with a multi-week sabbatical while you work remotely (and very occasionally).

I have a deep well of resources to match you to the perfect experience and destination for your wellness needs.

Tourism Wellness

See the sites, learn amazing history, be a culture vulture but protect your wellbeing while doing so. Maintain your health while you tour. You may need a deep bathtub, organic food, a safe running route, or a visit to a day spa upon arrival. Or green juices, an outfitted gym, or a yoga mat. Perhaps you only require exclusive experiences that aren’t subject to crowds.

I safeguard your vitality and wellbeing by ensuring whatever wellness amenities and services you desire are available.

Medical Wellness Travel

You can go away for a multi-day stay (from 1 – 4 weeks) to completely revitalize your health and immunity. Medical professionals supervise your personalized preventative health program. These services are intensive, effective, and focus on preventative and proactive health. Meanwhile, you live in five-star style and enjoy delicious meals that support your wellbeing.

MIleStone Wellness

Travel is a marvelous way to celebrate a life event or mark a passage – a milestone birthday, a wedding, mourning a death, or recovering from a breakup. You may have quit a job or be facing an empty nest and crave an escape for fresh start. Or fallen in love and desire an adventure together. Life passages can move us into a riptide of emotions, good or bad.

I know these trips require even more discernment and special care, so I craft an extraordinary change of scene for time away your daily life.

Safe Pod Adventures

Explore the world safely with your friends. We are all traveling in small pods with people we know and trust. Even with small groups, I can leverage partnerships and economies of scale to ensure extraordinary experiences and secure optimal rates. You can either gather your friends for an outstanding adventure you’ll relish for years to come or travel solo to join a like-minded community of wellness seekers.

Either way, I can make it happen.

Wellness Challenged

Business travelers encounter a special type of stress. One often doesn’t know what continent one is on, so sleep is disrupted. Business burnout often means that wellbeing falls by the way side. You need an urban oasis where you can easily get nourishing, healthy food; a relaxing massage upon arrival to help you settle in; light therapy to reset your body clock, and more.

I arrange your travel so that your home away from home is a wellspring that nurtures you and does not drain you with noise, bland food, and poor service that drives you mad. We also plan corporate wellness retreats.

Wellness Professional

If you’re a committed health professional, an intimate and all-inclusive retreat enables your clientele to make deeper changes in their lives. Support and solidify the wellness of your beloved patrons by offering your knowledge in a concentrated way.

Your clients will return home to your biggest fans and spread the word. I’ll handle all the logistics and create all you need to promote your retreat.