Dreamy Domestic Escapes

Let’s face it – ALL travel is now luxury travel. And we all have different comfort levels of risk based on our life experiences. Interstate travel restrictions inject complex logistical hurdles. Some states have quarantines. Others restrictions. And they change week to week… well, really — things have been changing day to day! Safety concerns have many of us thinking twice – legitimately so – about spending time with our more vulnerable loved ones. Or making ourselves vulnerable by gathering in large groups.


Top 4 DC Wellness Getaways

Are you ready to run away? How do you make sure it’s safe? And perfect for what you need now? Share your travel dreams and wellness needs and we’ll craft an experience that fosters lasting vitality – no trip is too small. In this “next normal,” I’ll ensure that your trip is full of ease and wonder. Holidays are precious; your health is even more precious. It’s the perfect time to plan your holiday for 2022 – or, for that matter, a rejuvenating escape for next weekend!

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Experiences You Can’t Plan. Even If You Wanted To. How I Provide Exclusive Access

Join me to hear about extraordinary experiences that travel advisors can design for you. We can make things happen that no one else can – even if you wanted to, even if you knew you could, even if you dreamed of it. Hear about these amazing insider opportunities and find out how we make the magic happen!

Expert Tips

The Privileges and Perks of Working with Me. How NOT to Leave Money on the Table

When you work with me to plan your travel, you get extras. Who doesn’t love extras? And when you do not work with me, you’re leaving money on the table. All my clients are frugal. No one likes to waste money. And one of the perks of working with a travel advisor is that I can extend your dollar. As a Virtuoso advisor, I can maximize the value of any trip through my relationships, connections, knowledge, advice, creativity, and advocacy.


Okay, now what? How to Travel After Covid and What Will Be Different

Travel will be different after 2020. People are calling it the new normal. That’s a misnomer. It’s the next normal; it’s an evolution of the way we travel as well a re-evaluation of why we travel. One thing is for sure, for the foreseeable future, the pandemic will continue to complicate travel.

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Dispelling 10 Myths About Travel Advisors. Why Do We Exist?

Travels Advisors did not go extinct around 1995, despite the advent of the internet. In fact, post-pandemic the work we do and the expertise we offer has never been more valuable. Check out these 10 myths about travel advisors and learn how we do our magic. And read to the end for the biggest truth bomb!


Travel after Grief, Loss & Languishing – Why Travel Restores

There’s a lot of talk in the travel industry about “revenge travel” – travel that is bucket-list, no-expense-spared, take-that-pandemic type of adventures. But there is another way to respond to what we’ve all been through, this surreal, collective trauma. That’s to tailor a profoundly personal and refreshing trip that will help you recover the bits of yourself that feel lost.

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Unique, Extraordinary Experiences

Well, I just finished up a week of meetings with over 85 partners in the travel industry. Last year I met with 68, and there were only 6 repeats. Gosh, it was all marvelous! Virtuoso Travel Week is like a combination of fashion week, school, and speed dating with a few cocktails thrown in for extra fun. It’s quite uplifting for those of us in the industry, and I love making connections with the creative community that makes magic happen in travel.


Evening Fall Rituals

The crisp air also brings the beginning of the season of Vata, in Ayurvedic medicine. Vata is the energy of movement and air that brings qualities of light, air, cold, hardness, and brittleness that can affect both our bodies and our minds. Life may start all over again in the fall, but the fall also brings special challenges.


Pathways at Canyon Ranch

Canyon Ranch is a leader in the wellness travel sector and always has been.

Mel and Enid Zuckerman and Jerry Cohen founded Canyon Ranch in 1979 in Tucson, Arizona. They were originally inspired to start a health resort after Mel Zuckerman experienced his own success with improving his health when he stepped outside of his life. Following the financial success of the Tucson location, the Lenox resort opened in 1989.


Travel Trends
for 2022

Discover 22 ways travel is different now and beyond. And get the latest and greatest in news, tips and exclusive experiences.


Be awed by escapades you didn’t even know were possible. And savor an impeccable holiday that makes you feel like a star before, during, and after your trip.

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