What’s the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received? Mine was a bride doll I received when I was six. I still have her! My parents had me and my sister draw a picture of what we wanted and remember being chagrined when we received the dolls and I realized that I forgot to draw bangs. I […]

Ciao! You are familiar with Italy as a tourist destination — after all, it was the Renaissance era’s birthplace. Italy topped Travel & Leisure’s list for Best Place to Travel in 2022. They’re about to announce 2023 destinations and I’m sure Italy will again be very popular.

I love coffee primarily because of my associations with it – good conversations, political debates, and my mom. Coffee smells like my mother, who imbibed coffee every single morning. Today is National Coffee Day, so here are a few of my favorite famous and international coffeehouses. And they’re favs because they are the home to […]

Here are a few of the key travel trends I see in the ultra-luxury travel market. If there’s one over-arching trend, it’s awareness. Awareness of how your travel dollars affect local communities; awareness of how your travel affects the environment; awareness of over-tourism; awareness of travel on your mind and spirit; and awareness of the […]

The crisp air also brings the beginning of the season of Vata, in Ayurvedic medicine. Vata is the energy of movement and air that brings qualities of light, air, cold, hardness, and brittleness that can affect both our bodies and our minds. Life may start all over again in the fall, but the fall also brings special challenges.

I learned about many exciting and unforgettable travel adventures I can’t wait to send you on. Here are just 14.

Travel. Is. Back. With countries relaxing their COVID-19 policies – including the US dropping its testing requirement for travelers in June – travelers are returning to beloved favorites and exploring new places around the globe.     Yes, there have been a few hiccups: Airlines are still playing catch up with the surging demand for travel, […]

The Beijing Winter Olympics kicks off today February 4th and runs through until the 20th. I always love watching the Olympics. The achievements are so inspiring! What’s your favorite winter athletic event or endeavor? I love cross-country skiing. I once did a run in the woods of Vermont under a full moon which was just magical and one of the awe-inspiring moments of my life. And of course, I love to watch ice-skating and ice-dancing during the Olympics! So, in pursuit of our own athletic endeavors – whether that’s training for a triathlon or finally learning the proper backstroke form – we’ve gathered a few hotels where you can channel your own inner Olympian.

Here are just a few experiences from our special partners that will enable you to explore the world like 007 – from Thailand to Iceland with Monoco and Italy in between. Check out these ahhhhmazing experiences.

Yes, we focus on wellness around here and an integral part of wellness is fun! When we prioritize joy, play, and rest and focus on our work in focused, short bursts, we maximize effectiveness and happiness. And nothing is more fun than a Bond film!


Pre-Departure Checklist

Packing mishaps range from inconvenient (heading to the Bahamas without a swimsuit) to disastrous (leaving something in your fridge that'll turn into a science experiment before you get back), but most are preventable. We've created this ultimate packing list to help you pack well, every time.


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