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Unique, Extraordinary Experiences

Well, I just finished up a week of meetings with over 85 partners in the travel industry. Last year I met with 68, and there were only 6 repeats. Gosh, it was all marvelous! Virtuoso Travel Week is like a combination of fashion week, school, and speed dating with a few cocktails thrown in for extra fun. It’s quite uplifting for those of us in the industry, and I love making connections with the creative community that makes magic happen in travel.


Pathways at Canyon Ranch

Canyon Ranch is a leader in the wellness travel sector and always has been.

Mel and Enid Zuckerman and Jerry Cohen founded Canyon Ranch in 1979 in Tucson, Arizona. They were originally inspired to start a health resort after Mel Zuckerman experienced his own success with improving his health when he stepped outside of his life. Following the financial success of the Tucson location, the Lenox resort opened in 1989.

Expert Tips

Going on Hiatus

Travelers are learners, adventurers, seekers, and dreamers. Always have been; always will be. Even amid the confusion and chaos of a worldwide pandemic those qualities are constant. Premier Wellness Travel is going on a hiatus. This pause of ours is just a suspension. But we’ll be busy behind the scenes. Check out what we’re up to!


21 for 2021 :: Wellness Books

For me, the fall is always a time to pick up a book. So as we celebrate Labor Day, this 21 for 2021 Series post offers a list of books through which you can promote wellness and boost your health from your own home, now and until we can travel safely. 


Wellness Reboots :: Four Vacations That Are All About Self-Care

A decade ago, wellness travel meant a hotel with a spa. And while we all love the massage therapists, smoothie-bar mixologists, and trainers who transform trips into spells of bliss, wellness travel is now so much more. We craft experiences that are deeper and more meaningful. And integration after the fact is key.


Canadian Wellness Spas Open to US

Whether you prefer city sophistication or rustic bliss, here’s where to soak up some major TLC.

While DIY meditation and at-home manicures can do in a pinch, many travelers are craving the kind of transformational, full-body experiences only found at the best spas: seaweed mud wraps to reduce quarantine inflammation, Nordic hydrotherapy baths to cleanse and reinvigorate weary bodies, and massages relaxing enough to let your mind wander but deep enough to relieve pent-up tension.

Expert Tips

You’re Worth It

It’s official! I am so excited to announce that I have completed all the coursework to become an American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) Verified Travel Advisor

This professional certification is an indicia to my clients and the travel industry that I have met ASTA’s criteria for industry knowledge, professionalism, and ethics. I worked through an extensive online educational program that provides a higher level of verifiable professional business knowledge. I’m super proud!


Micro-Cruises: The Next Generation of Water Travel

Let’s face it: we all love vacationing on cruises because they’re luxurious, pleasurable, and convenient for exploring multiple destinations in a limited timespan. Luckily, there is a way you can experience all these things and minimize the risks of spreading germs with strangers: micro-cruises. They cover a more limited distance, follow a more in-depth itinerary with fewer yet equally exciting sites, and carry up to 4, 20, or 100 passengers. YES PLEASE!


Design Your Dream Journey with Belmond in Italy

I’m so excited to share with you that Belmond is offering a very extraordinary 7-night package. You can pick 2 or more of their luxury destinations for a guaranteed rate at your hotel of choice. And they don’t have to be consecutive nights either. See what’s possible still this year!


Travel Diary || Canyon Ranch

A few months, Canyon Ranch invited me to experience their Life Enhancement Program at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona and I flew out on Saturday, June 12th, to immerse myself in their wellness program. Let’s get you to Canyon Ranch so you can reboot and refocus your life on long-term wellbeing and health. I’m happy to chat to figure out which program and Canyon Ranch destination would best suit you and your current needs.


Pre-Departure Checklist

Packing mishaps range from inconvenient (heading to the Bahamas without a swimsuit) to disastrous (leaving something in your fridge that'll turn into a science experiment before you get back), but most are preventable. We've created this ultimate packing list to help you pack well, every time.


Be awed by escapades you didn’t even know were possible. And savor an impeccable holiday that makes you feel like a star before, during, and after your trip.

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